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The Royal Arrangement by anamika200
The Royal Arrangementby Greystar
Jai Singh Rathore is the prince of Ajmer. Even though the monarchy is no longer at play in India, Royalties do hold their titles. Looking after the family business he is...
Fatal Entrapment (M. Yandere x Fem. Reader) by Cloakedranger
Fatal Entrapment (M. Yandere x Fem...by Cloakedranger
Ever since high school, (f/n) (l/n) and her friend, Anita Vincent, have been planning to open a cafe. (F/n) would manage the business side of things, and Anita would be...
The Affair [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Affair [boyxboy]by Jen
“And I’m the only one you’ll ever love, right?” With these words, Luka Ellis unknowingly drives his long-time boyfriend, Connor, crazy with guilt. Connor has been cheati...
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Siya Ke Ansh by sancasm
Siya Ke Anshby sancasm
Untill yesterday she was Vihaan Singhania's bride... How did she end up marrying Ayansh Singhania!!! Ayansh Singhania- 26 years old, billionaire. A sanskari munda. The a...
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P)  by call_me_daddy___
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P) by call_me_daddy___
Fantasizing about Freen and Becky? Here's one best shots for you. 😜🤤💦
Sir Arthur by Maureentab
Sir Arthurby Tabitha
~Complete~ Sir Arthur had never thought he'd befriend a small clumsy female who was determined to be a veterinarian, in a society that didn't allow. All he'd known was h...
good little housewife by itsryleab
good little housewifeby itsryleab
Leo and Talia live a traditional life--Leo goes and works and Talia is expected to tend to the house and have dinner home waiting for him when he returns from his nine-t...
Bitter truth  by _Minaaz_20
Bitter truth by linzz
Fatima a 25 years old doing her PG as a CS (cardiac surgeon). She is trying to run from her past but What happens when she meet him again after 6 years in a hospital as...
The Exchange by cdwritings
The Exchangeby CDWritings
Death or marriage? What would you choose?
Our Secret (Secret In The Lattice) by PhyuPwint8
Our Secret (Secret In The Lattice)by Phyu Pwint
From high school to university, Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue's youthful love lasts for a lifetime. The superior and unruly campus god Zhou Si Yue is a genius. He is seatmat...
[a psychological fiction] Being heartless was all Elijah Ishmael Vitale had ever known in his life. He was raised unloved by his own family from the first day he was bor...
❗❗ Novel ini novel kedua yang juga sambungan daripada novel His Lover; Miss Rindu. So korang kena baca novel yang first sampai habis dulu baru faham untuk elak sebarang...
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor by ballofsunooshine
Mesmerizing Ghost Doctorby ً💛
NOT MINE!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY!! SUMMARY She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing sk...
Ernesta by _KalonWitch_
Ernestaby Kalon_Witch
"Its terrifying, isn't it?" She whispered. "That even love isn't always enough." ...
Shade Of Pink  by glimmer_Ink
Shade Of Pink by glimmer_Ink
Roses are red Violent are blue Two souls destined to be together. Rahil and ansar who are destined to be together forever but hate each other's guts, how will the two en...
To Where I Belong  by Mrswriterwomen
To Where I Belong by devil
Not every story is about fictional or fantasy world This is the story of four girls who moves to Seoul to pursue their dreams and ends up being flatmates and get's to c...
Bloodhound - Rafe Cameron x OC  by kaleidoscopemind_
Bloodhound - Rafe Cameron x OC by Soph ღ
Phoebe Routledge- the newest member of the Pogues- and John B's cousin. She has a hatred for the Kooks; especially Rafe Cameron, who makes her feel things she hasn't fel...
Loyal Servant (Crossmare) (Rewrite) by AppleBloomer1
Loyal Servant (Crossmare) (Rewrite)by Im Applebloom. Deal with it h...
Rewards: #1 Crossmare #1 IN UNDERTALE?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! *** There wasn't a creature in the entire multiverse quite like Nightmare. Most viewed him as an insane ove...
Mr. CEO's Secret Obsession by ruffatorres06
Mr. CEO's Secret Obsessionby Ruffa Torres
Red Jack Lorenzo Steelheart, the CEO of Apex Tech, monikered as Jack the panty-reaper for his notorious escapades never thought he would fall in love. But when he sets h...
The King's destiny #THE RAJPUT SERIES by mjwrites_000
The King's destiny #THE RAJPUT SER...by mjwrites
"Sneha stop" he roared, but she didn't stop. She was running away from him, the beast of her life "no, I will never ever come to you" she yelled. &qu...