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One shots- Harry Potter by Sincerely_izzy17
One shots- Harry Potterby Sincerely Izzy
Fanfiction of Harry Potter, I do not own Harry Potter. Credit goes to J.K Rowling for creating such a masterpiece. This is a fanfiction and is not real (partly sadly) s...
  Raised by the Darkling by 1dkingwell
Raised by the Darklingby 1dkingwell
Harry potter the brother of the wrong boy who lived is a Grisha and the most powerful Wizard was sent to live with the Dursleys what will happen when the Darkling knows...
When Harry's Mad by LoliButter
When Harry's Madby LoliButter
This is s story about when Harry's Mates Make Him a bit angry (tomarry, Snarry, Lucarry,ship)
They never knew by 31082008A
They never knewby Nathan
Harry Potter NEVER would of thought Draco would cheat on him....and with Ginny Weasley. Sirius Black NEVER knew Remus would blame him.......or blame Harry more. Severus...
Trapped -Severitus and Lucarry by tarteauframboises
Trapped -Severitus and Lucarryby tarte au framboises
I am writing this story in english but since that is not my first language please inform me of any mistakes. Anyways, this story takes place in 5th year and is inspired...
¡¡Futuros Proyectos!! by kolager
¡¡Futuros Proyectos!!by kolager
Aquí les mostrare mis más recientes ideas para más historias y one-shots sobre Harry Potter. Mucho yaoiiii y zukulenzias 7w7 y muchassss parejassss xddd
Bow (Lucius Malfoy) [SLOW UPDATES] by grumpyolesoul
Bow (Lucius Malfoy) [SLOW UPDATES]by Zee🦋.
Once upon time, a very sexy human being had asked me to write Lucius Malfoy x original male characters/ male characters ; hence how this came to be. I've been writing th...
TAKEN 2.0 ( Harry Potter Fanfiction)  by annaprinsloo
TAKEN 2.0 ( Harry Potter Angelique
Harry Potter is taken away from his birth family when he is born and then given to the Potters. When he turns 17 all the truths and betrayals comes out.
Cooking Lessons ( Lucarry ) by daniellepurvis12
Cooking Lessons ( Lucarry )by Danielle Marissa Purvis
Lucius and Severus don't know how to cook and walk in on Harry cooking so there ask Harry if he will help them and this a Lucius x Harry
He kept them alive through presents... (W.B.W.L) by Anime__for_life
He kept them alive through Unknown
Hadrian (Harry) Potter is the brother of the boy-who-lived, "Caspian potter". Because he's not the "golden child". He gets neglected by his family. E...
Harry Potter And The Silver Vipers by daniellepurvis12
Harry Potter And The Silver Vipersby Danielle Marissa Purvis
Harry Finds Out He Is Not A Potter When He Go Into His Last Inheritance And I Am Sorry If You Don't Like The Story It's My First Time Writing A Story Mention: Rape Abuse...
Mates Who Love And Care by ElizzFallsHard
Mates Who Love And Careby Elizz
Born one day apart, Neville and Harry are to come of age at the end of July. It is said in the wizard it world that that is when you find your mate(s) if you have any. W...
Lucarry by tomarryshipper1
Lucarryby 🐺🧛‍♂️Tomarry shipper🐺🧛‍♂️
Harry is dating Ginny but likes Lucius Malfoy.
Their Lucky Day   by N0iMDiRtYdAn
Their Lucky Day by N0iMDiRtYdAn
THIS ISN'T MINE!! Found on AO3 by: maraudersaffair
Luz De Mí Corazón by NaughtySpyDrinker
Luz De Mí Corazónby Nekolinn Rozenthorn
Lucarryius shipping (pronounced Luz-arry-ius luzarryius) It's different, I'm gonna keep changing it so, NO Summary!
lucarry by daniellepurvis12
lucarryby Danielle Marissa Purvis
Harry is in love with Lucius Malfoy and Lucius is in love with Harry but Harry thinks that Lucius hates him so he ran away with his friends and you'll have to find out t...
Harry Potter sings (tomarry snarry and lucarry) by daniellepurvis12
Harry Potter sings (tomarry Danielle Marissa Purvis
Harry sings and only the Gryffindors including his friends know Harry is a famous singer in the wizarding and muggle world the wizarding world have phones and laptop and...
in love with a death eater (lucarry) by daniellepurvis12
in love with a death eater ( Danielle Marissa Purvis
class 1a been talking behind izuku back but the only people that's not talking behind his back is the dekusqaud and the bakusqaud well uraraka is talking behind his back...