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The rookie  by kimboberlina
The rookie by kimboberlina
After loving football her whole life but never getting the chance to play for a team all due to the simple fact that she was a girl, how is Julia going to react when the...
Angel eyes- leah williamson (wlw) by whorefordave
Angel eyes- leah williamson (wlw)by <3
Olivia dormer and her family had just moved from Manchester to Milton Keynes. The city is all new to the family, especially the town they have moved into 'Newport Pagnel...
It's Our Secret by sydsofia13
It's Our Secretby syd
Juliette and Keira Walsh love being twins. Since childhood, the two girls have been inseparable and together they shared the same ambition and dream - to become professi...
Young unexpected love by stories116
Young unexpected loveby stories116
Ella bronze, yeah that's right, i'm Lucy bronze's younger sister. I'm 19 years old, i just turned 19 actually. I am a forward who plays for wsl side Manchester city alon...
bringing lucy home by heartsforfutbol
bringing lucy homeby leahmccabefc
everyone at City misses Lucy Bronze since she left for Lyon, especially Keira. will the teammates be reunited in a happy ending?
Jessie Miller by lioness2606
Jessie Millerby lioness2606
Jessie Miller's life takes a huge twist when she gets scouted for the Man City womens' team. She starts her career off well and gets to play with the best there is. Play...
You can't be my mum (a Lucy Bronze fanfic) by lucybronzeengwnt
You can't be my mum (a Lucy lucybronzeengwnt
Rosie is a struggling teenager With abusive parents who won't allow her to play football, she spends every day fighting to find hope to stay alive After a birthday trip...
My Missing Piece by Keelyx73
My Missing Pieceby Keely
a girl is getting abused. she's adopted but her parents are lovely. she doesnt know her real last name, she only knows her first name which apparently her birth mother...
When she accepted a one-year contract at Manchester City, Kristie didn't know her life was going to take a whole other turn.
A young lioness by user1357905
A young lionessby bee
17-year-old, Everton player, Maeva Williams has just been called up to the senior lioness squad for camp. Maeva faces some massive challenges that will either make or br...
Becoming A Lioness by soccerlover35
Becoming A Lionessby Kate
After Kate received a call that shattered her dreams of playing alongside her heroes, and for the country she grew up in, she knew the only way to achieve her goal of pl...
What if i told you i love you? by stories116
What if i told you i love you?by stories116
Emily, a twenty-one-year-old England international leaves Chelsea and moves to the Champions of Europe, FC Barcelona. Emily spent five years at Chelsea. She joined when...
Nothing shines as bright as your eyes - (Leah Williamson x OC) by Lionesses_LW6
Nothing shines as bright as your Lionesses_LW6
Stacy Taylor is an 18 year old promising midfielder playing for the Dutch club Ajax. But when her parents suddenly pass away, Stacy and her little sister are left alone...
Suspicious Minds (Book 1) by meaadema
Suspicious Minds (Book 1)by 🤡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Shortly after the World Cup and much to everyone's surprise, including themselves, Keira and Lucy separate the moment they begin life together. Fast forward through year...
You and I by wosofan14
You and Iby
It all starts at the end of the womens World Cup 2019 when Keiras feelings for a certain defender arises and now she has to confront her. What could possibly go wrong W...
My love, my life.  by meaadema
My love, my life. by 🤡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
What happens when Lucy Bronze ups and leaves her girlfriend? 5 years later they are finally reunited. Will they continue their long running feud? Or will past feelings...
Saving The Day  by Torres1017
Saving The Day by Torres1017
Holland Reed is the #1 goalkeeper for USWNT, taking over the role of Hope Solo. Attending her 3rd World cup and possibly winning gold. Playing overseas in a Club. And da...
Last Christmas  by MagicalMushroom101
Last Christmas by MagicalMushroom101
A short story based on love and loss
New Beginnings by Soccer1944
New Beginningsby matt10
What happens when Mapi younger sister gets moved up to Barcelona first team and no one on team knew Mapi had a little sister.