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Empire  by kaylyn_reads
Empire by kaylyn_reads
Empire with a twist, there's Jamal, Andre, Hakeem, and Their sister Amiya. Cookie is finally out of jail after 17 years and she's ready to see and bond with her kids mos...
Empire : A Journey Back to You  by hopielove
Empire : A Journey Back to You by hopielove
Cookie and Lucious have been down the road to loving each other time and time again, but somehow the distraction of work, media, and outsiders get in their way of happin...
Lucious Lyons family by namcyqwe
Lucious Lyons familyby namcyqwe
So lucious always wanted a daughter he has one but when she starts acting up what is he gonna have to do to make her get back in line.
Change by kirvania_
Changeby K 💚
26 year old Cookie Lyon lives a happy, lavish and stable life with her husband 30 year old, Lucious Lyon. He is a big time drug dealer in the city of Philadelphia. Very...
The way things should have went  by coocious
The way things should have went by coocious.feelz
This is a book of coocious/empire oneshots enjoy😘
The Clique: Dial L for Lesbian by Laughingalltheway
The Clique: Dial L for Lesbianby Laughingalltheway
Join Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire as they reveal the biggest scandal OCD has ever known and someone leaves the pretty committee forever. Massie Block: Afte...
The Empire by Queen_Angel_Boss2
The Empireby Queen_Angel_Boss2
This is different than all the other but not really cookie and Lucious are still married. There's no boo boo kitty instead of three boys there are going to be 4 girls
Love&Nine One Shots (Jisung&Wookjin) by anonymous9898
Love&Nine One Shots (Jisung& anonymous9898
One shots of Love and Nine from OnlyOneOf (maybe on the other ships too), I wanted to read about them but saw there isn't much to find so I thought why not to write it m...
Cookie Monster by QueenCharlamagne
Cookie Monsterby Keke
Based on Reality 2016.
For the minutemen by GhostOPS91
For the minutemenby TheGhost OPS
What if Vault 111 is a government vault that has only military, scientist, and a politician what if colonel Nate is leading it and his other men are there but his wife i...
cookie and Lucious by MorganLuckett
cookie and Luciousby Morgan Luckett
Cookie is a college girl and Lucious is a business man at empire but doesn't have any sons Cookie and Lucious are together which also means that they are dating an Cooki...
Jafar x Assassin OC by Goldenrukh25
Jafar x Assassin OCby Goldenrukh25
Lara Lions is an assassin from Sham Lash targeting the life of a merchant in Sindria. However, the spies in Sham Lash informed the king of this making her mission diffic...
Terrence and Taraji (Oneshots) by itzaryka
Terrence and Taraji (Oneshots)by Aryka 💎🌚
This book will consist of Terrence and Taraji (Teraji) one shots. Some might be based off of Empire, but mostly Terrence and Taraji. Don't judge me for inaccuracy, this...
Empty Cradle by theslutwhisperers
Empty Cradleby T.S.W.
Cookie's founded bundle of happiness soon demises to an epitome of heartbreak.
Empire (best friend love) by Parishubley1234
Empire (best friend love)by Parishubley1234
This story is about Hakeem and his best friend Paris king finding love in the music during it all come music fame lies secrets and more can there love and friendship bea...
Covet (Andre/Anika, Lucious/Cookie/Malcolm) by TeganPriceHarkness
Covet (Andre/Anika, Lucious/ Tegan Price Harkness
Andre is determined to bring the cycle of destruction in the Lyon family to an end. But it won't be easy as long as he's struggling with one of God's commandments: thou...
Lucidity by CJLyons
Lucidityby CJ Lyons
Lucidine, a drug that could save the world...or destroy it. Former ER doctor Grace Moran has been through a lot. After witnessing her husband's murder and barely surviv...
Empire ( the sequel) by MorganLuckett
Empire ( the sequel)by Morgan Luckett
now you read the first half of the story but here comes the second half Cookie had her daughter named her Heaven now she's (6) and Morgan is now (10) see how life takes...
Lifetime  by TaNiceya05
Lifetime by Jennifersmith
The adored hip hop and R&b couple . Tiana and Hakeem but what if their story was different.