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Ask Or Dare GravityFalls/ReverseFalls{ ASK OR DARE REQUESTS CLOSED!! by IcxMii
Ask Or Dare GravityFalls/ Zi
Art not mine :3 I NAO PRESENT THEE, Mai furst ask or dare book! Yey! (\^ω^/) The plot is based off of Yalls asks or dares, which means, ships will only happen based off...
A Mystery Unsolved  by FukuroCityWrites
A Mystery Unsolved by Domminik
Eighteen Years Old Dipper And Mabel Pines return to to the town who's mystery have held their curiosity captive for years. especially Young Dipper. the town now has mov...
Counting Stars (Mabifica) by Marcythewolf
Counting Stars (Mabifica)by Yard Sard™
"Don't be scared we were born prepared for this journey, full of mystery time to explore this wonder reach answers that we hunger discover the truths hidden we ca...
For Her Happiness by AuthorReading
For Her Happinessby Author Reading
Dipper wanted Mabel to be with the one she loved. And that was why he took Pacifica's place.
(Billdip) Bill's Queen of Death by PinkTigerShan
(Billdip) Bill's Queen of Deathby PinkTigerShan
First time Dark weirdmageddon (Only 15 Chapters) Dipper becomes a demon. Has Bill tries to gains Dipper's trust. First Story
Welcome To Insanity (BillDip) [ Discontinued ] by SeaSnake6305
Welcome To Insanity (BillDip) [ SeaSnake6305
[ Discontinued ] Dipper was never a normal child he had always been a bit disturbed. After there eventful summer in Gravity Falls Dipper came to a realization but kept s...
Demons Bride 《☆Billdip☆》 by jorashala2526
Demons Bride 《☆Billdip☆》by 💛🌻💛
This story was inspired by "Bride of Discord" from DisneyFanatic2364. I don't own Gravity falls or any of the pictures used.
Cheese and Chocolate (FINISHED) by BobsCheesePads
Cheese and Chocolate (FINISHED)by Cheesepads
Pacifica can't get her last interaction with the pines girl out of her head, why was she always so nice? Why did she save her? Why... why does she wear sweaters in summe...
BillDip Oneshots by LittleMissCiph3r
BillDip Oneshotsby spencer reid
i wrote this when i was like 13, it's kinda a shit show but what isn't? :,) anyways the later chapters are bit more tolerable so read at your own risk aha !!
Beautiful melody by Galaxybluefire
Beautiful melodyby Galaxy
A merman goes to kill the crew of the mystery shack, singing his deadly tune. What he didn't expect was to fall for a cabin boy
Gravity Falls High Returns by toodrunktofunction
Gravity Falls High Returnsby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The sequel to Gravity Falls High (by popular demand) Cover by: @dream_to_reality
Bike Rides, Tickle fights, and Hug Attacks by boat_h0nk
Bike Rides, Tickle fights, and ImNotCool
Just a book of multiple one shots! Enjoy!
What's going on?! Bill? by starlushheart
What's going on?! Bill?by S_star101
Bill Cipher is going through mating season. Can Dipper survive a dream demon full of lust? Will they be happy or will Dipper reject Bills feelings? Billdip Mabificia I...
Restart - Mabifica  by spicylemontree
Restart - Mabifica by Emery
Mabel and Dipper are finally going back to gravity falls, six years after that one fateful summer back when they were 12. But this time the twins plan to stay. Will reun...
Antihero falls Au {Bill x Dipper} by bunniesace
Antihero falls Au {Bill x Dipper}by Ace.hd
Gravity falls has mysterious twins with god like powers that generally wreck havoc but when the town is in danger from the mysterys the twins protect the town from the s...
What if... by shipping_trash99
What shipping_trash99
An almost sequel but not quite a sequel to Bloodied Hands and Bruised Boddies. (Of course the fact that it is a what if means that if you've never read the first you won...
Mabifica fanfic: What happened between us? by Karma0072
Mabifica fanfic: What happened Melody Tayagami
As the title suggests this is a Mabifica fanfic aka gravity falls girl on girl action, there will be smut, there will be tears, there will be mild language, there will d...
All That Glitters - Billdip [DISCONTINUED] by TwentyOnePinetrees
All That Glitters - Billdip [ Aspen/Aether/Cosmic
[DISCONTINUED] Dipper Pines was a lonely 18 year old kid, and he was extremely socially awkward with only a few friends. He still hasn't found his soulmate yet, but his...
Something Strange  by Hoodie2
Something Strange by Matthew Kalstad
Wirt moves to Gravity Falls and brings a little something strange with him.
Dear Bill Cipher by Laudrey-TheOTPQueen
Dear Bill Cipherby Laudrey-TheOTPQueen
Bill is back and he's ready for Weirdmagdeon 2.0 He's got a plan and all he needs is a Pinetree Story inspired by Good for you (Gravity Falls) by Lumina Xandra Cover a...