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WHERE IS MY LIFE? by _Stiven
شاید بزرگترین اشتباه زندگی بعضی از ادم ها اعتماد به کسایی بوده که نباید بهشون اعتماد میشد... The main characters : jungkook / Ema ~ cover by : mae_galaxy
Bought  by Official_lilith
Bought by Official_lilith
This story is about a Mafia Boss who bought a girl named Clara. Attention this story has sexual parts !
Match made in hell by Not_So-Innocent
Match made in hellby GoToHell
********************************************* "You're psychotic!" I scream breathlessly. "You're the one covered in blood " He grunts as he pulls out...
𝑚𝑖 𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 - y/n Story love triangle vincenzo by miliondollahpussay
𝑚𝑖 𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 - y/n Story love sara<3
are u ready to be mine? forbidden love? bath of blood?
Mafia Boss found his princess  by Nienhaus123
Mafia Boss found his princess by Nienhaus123
Malia is an avarige 22 year old Girl who just wants to live her life as uneventful as possible. Where on the other Hand the 24 year old Jace who recently became the Bos...
Like Fire and Ice by AnnaS1010008
Like Fire and Iceby AnnaS1010008
The Best Story of the year: A complicated love between two complicated characters caught on different sides. As dramatic as gossip girl.💞💞
Our Together(Always Be Mine)  by charizangsxc
Our Together(Always Be Mine) by Ate Chariz
Dylan Carraan Is Badboy, lahat nasa kanya na ALMOST Perfect na Sya Gwapo Matangos Na ilong Magandang Kilay Brown Eye, At kissable Lips,Lahat ng Babae Nakukuha nya Mga B...
Married to Mafiaboss by K-DRAVEN
Married to Mafiabossby kristine
A simple girl who findout that she has already engage at her parents bestfriend.She has no any chance kung di mag pakasal sa isang lalaking ngayon lang niya nakilala but...
Their Little Princess   by loveplusdeathhh
Their Little Princess by Sienna987951
FIRST BOOK! Lois, a kind, loyal innocent angel girl meets the three devils, Damien,Rocco and Landon. Lois finds that not only are the brothers mean, cold hearted and car...
Don't Amore Mafia Love  by wassabix01
Don't Amore Mafia Love by wassabix01
This story is about Mafia love and it's levels. This story contains mild language and sex references. I recommend reading this if you like spicy and romance stories...
Peaky Girl by writesajxo
Peaky Girlby writesajxo
Being the daughter of a well known Mafia boss don't trust other Mafia boys or girls I was very wrong about that I met a boy during new business when he caught my eye, we...
Always and forever -Mafia  by MightyDucks2000
Always and forever -Mafia by MattheoRiddle_girl
Hey so this is my first book so it won't e perfect ❤️ The Salvitori family is a very well known family not just for there Mafia 14 year old Lily lived with her mum . Aft...
After a long time I finally found you by purple_you_09_
After a long time I finally Seo Yeon
A story of a young girl named KIM y/n and a boy named KIM Taehyung there is a big mystery in the story Mafia? Y/n why you left me without informing So you are also...