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Poison (Jalex) by neondanger
Poison (Jalex)by All Time Low Fan #23
Fairy Tale/High Shool AU Jack's attending his first (and last) year of boarding school so he can meet his betrothed for the first time. As the only child of Snow White...
Not The Harry They Expected. {Drarry} by Zoobee_bunny4life
Not The Harry They Expected. { I LOVE ISA<4EVA3
Harry after the Wizarding war can't take it and can't take all the burden of people he loved Dead. He kills himself but awakens. HE'S BACK... 10 year old Harry s...
School for Green Bloods by haleymh
School for Green Bloodsby haleymh
Some people are stranger than others. Some are so strange their blood is green......but every green blood has something different from everyone else's. This is a story o...
Mah Art Thingy! by FollowEveryoneISee
Mah Art Thingy!by FollowEveryoneISee
This is sorta like an art book, well I got this idea from many people. Enjoy my bad art ;-;
What happened? by underloveme123
What happened?by Eden Avery Jarrell
This is a story that I'm writing myself, including the storyline. It probably sucks, but it's here. It's about a girl who gets bullied at school, and her parents are alw...
Gifted by beautifuldisxsters
Giftedby beautifuldisxsters
"Belief is a dangerous thing, my child. I suggest you not toy with it. It is the reason wars have begun. The reason people have died. And we do not wish to start an...
travesty - kylo ren by kindofintrovert
travesty - kylo renby introverted teen
in which kylo ren takes a force-sensitive girl from earth, who has an unhealthy obsession with vines, and attempts to turn her to the dark side. OR in which a misunder...
The Magical Life I Never knew by HappyWriterLover
The Magical Life I Never knewby MithRoss yeah!
PROLOGUE Hi My names Ivy Keller and I live in New York in a small apartment with my mother I'm 15, I'm adopted,my mother found me on her garden I was in weird basket tha...
A Funeral For Our Butterflies by asteriasera
A Funeral For Our Butterfliesby maria
Six years after she graduates, Katie "Pidge" Holt suddenly finds herself face to face with an old ally who needs her help. She is reluctant to help him, but wi...
Th3 Bodychang3 by mojoon
Th3 Bodychang3by take_me_daddy_nam
>a fanfiction about my bestie, Milly and Johnny & Haechan from nc< Edit//former bestie. I won't take this story down because it won't really make a change. But if...