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The Eternal Gift by strawberrymichaeng
The Eternal Giftby ༊𝙏𝙖𝙢𝙢𝙮*🍓·˚
Mina is the CEO of Myoi Enterprises. She is literally perfect. Her rival, Son Chaeyoung is the CEO of Son Enterprises. Both of them get into a deal for a major Christmas...
Remorse- Yaman realises all his sins. by Bookhaven_100
Remorse- Yaman realises all his Bookhaven_100
"You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?" -Nikita Gill What happens when Yaman discovers the extent of his wrongdoings...
Loving the betrayed wife (English) by NictsTags
Loving the betrayed wife (English)by kenth
Allyana is almost had everything in her life. From a billionaire family, Beautiful, Kind, only child, love of her parents and above all; the man she loves the most. She...
Love Found In Hell by Keepdreaminglife
Love Found In Hellby Lovedreaming
" i will kill your family and i don't think you have any doubt about me and my killing skill , right doll..." yes she knows him well thats why believe him at o...
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A school love by deepadhinakaran
A school loveby Iam_Deepasri
Its a school love and continues to a collge love with happy ending with small amount of romance and lovely story my first full story guys try it and say yyou suggestion
Love, Above All! by Bookhaven_100
Love, Above All!by Bookhaven_100
(Based on Turkish series Emanet by Kanal 7). I was so dejected and heartbroken with yesterday's episode that I badly needed to write this one shot, just to soothe my ach...
The Extended Ending of Lost Soul by DianaMovies
The Extended Ending of Lost Soulby Lukas Mikes
This is a transcript of a extended ending of the episode of Lost Soul from Batman Beyond. When Terry, finally defeated Robert Vance, and got his Batsuit back. Now Bobby...
You want me just as much (bxb) //Larry//mpreg by khate86
You want me just as much (bxb) // khate86
"I don't even like you. Why are you doing this to me?" "You know you want me too. you're just so in denial." "i-i hate you!" "and I h...
Baby Dixon by IntoTehAbyss
Baby Dixonby Amber
Talia Dixon lost her brothers when the epidemic first started. Then she comes across the prison and finds her brother Daryl but learns Merle is dead. DISCLAIMER: I DO...
stretch me open by sosurusss
stretch me openby sosssss
Top Taehyung bottom Jungkook Kim taehyung marries a bratty jeon Jungkook They fuck , they kiss , they make love countless amount of time , and at last they have 5 child...
❤️~Love Story~❤️ by bigdaddythraxx
❤️~Love Story~❤️by ~ChocolateGlazedDonut~
Not a series, just some good ole Devin and Sage story's. From smut to depression. These story's cover it ALL. They take place in different times in there relationship so...
|anxiety words| - POETRY by silenceminds
|anxiety words| - POETRYby silenceminds
These poems are mouth of my soul. Let me introduce myself. Let me show my fears, loves, faiths... Be mirror of my tears. To the Reader... Silence of Minds
Intezaar💔 by Dewana1
Intezaar💔by Ali Mir
have you ever loved someone ? have you ever fell for someone who was not for you ? have you ever loved someone ? have you ever fell for someone have y...
The Yaoi Picture Book 2 by Shun_SakiX
The Yaoi Picture Book 2by Shun_SakiX
more yaoi pictures, ships that will never happen and one shots that are just plain crazy
Rainy Love  by abadbishreading
Rainy Love by nis'
"I thought and could feel that she was my soul mate. But I don't know why, she's acting so weird. Did I do something to him that I don't know about?" (Door kno...
Fall Again by Euashia
Fall Againby Euashia
Just like everyone of us experience, to fall inlove, Irinna wasn't an exception. Thought that the guy name, Andrei Dale was the one for her -at the early age of "1...