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Pocket Size Magnus Bane by malecfangirlbane
Pocket Size Magnus Baneby Malec.Lightwoodbane
Wait? how did Magnus become so small? Pocket size Magnus is all we need. Cover photo credit goes to Mavitomo on Instagram and Twitter
THE RETURN OF AN ANGEL  by Stupid_purple
THE RETURN OF AN ANGEL by Stupid_purple
Magnus knew his husband would leave him... permanently... at some point, but he never imagined it to happen so soon. Magnus's husband, Alexander Bane Lightwood, was kill...
Chained (Malec) ✓ by Rexania
Chained (Malec) ✓by Rexania
Alec was kidnapped by a certain Warlock. He tries to find out the reasons behind his captivity and starts to feel strange things towards his kidnapper. Could that be lo...
Shadowhunters Group Chats  by KissedByAShadow
Shadowhunters Group Chats by .
There's seriously not enough of these on the Internet. If you can't find em, why not make em? [Requests open]
Unique (Malec) by q_thebanshee
Unique (Malec)by Qrow Novak
Immortal warlock Magnus Bane is familiar with the Shadowhunters of New York City. However his first time meeting Alec Lightwood brings Magnus to the attention of Alec's...
The Fetish { ] Magnus Bane x Alec Lightwood [ } by universe_of_yaoi
The Fetish { ] Magnus Bane x A girl is no one
After Magnus has an argument with one of his more unruly clients, Alec finds himself strangely aroused by the warlocks dominance. After investigating, Magnus finally fin...
Truth or Dare by Bossjr58
Truth or Dareby Bossjr58
This story is not mine. All rights to this story belongs to @malecs_hunters on IG which also includes the pictures that I'm using for this story as well and they did an...
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal Instruments fanfic) by fizzabel
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal WeAreAllCorrupt
(Takes place after CoLS) Magnus has just dumped Alec and now the shadowhunter has begun to question his place on earth. He feels unloved, depressed, upset, angry at hims...
If I Die Young by goldensunflover
If I Die Youngby goldensunflover
( Trigger warning - depression, self-harm, bullying, strong language, homophobia, physical assault, suicidal thoughts, suicide. ) "What if the only way not to feel...
Paralyzed | Malec by iovemay
Paralyzed | Malecby ☾ 𝐦𝐚𝐲
[COMPLETED] In a rush I was no longer in the cold and rainy street but in someone else's apartment. Confused, I looked around me and saw two men in front of me cuddled u...
Bad Dream by bnbnbly
Bad Dreamby biloy Ψ
Alec thought deciding for the both of them is the best way so that Magnus can feel whole again. And it did... Until it didn't. "If this is a bad dream, won't you w...
Enemies in love by KangJenShi
Enemies in loveby Kang jen-shi
Magnus : and god knows how I ended up sleeping with- Magnus was cutted off. By something soft. Alec's lips. On his. Fitting perfectly. Alec grabbed another wrist of M...
My Angel  by NevenkaS18
My Angel by Nevenka Smiljanic
Alec is in a toxic relationship with a mundane who treats him like shit. Izzy tries to make him realise the danger he's in by staying with him, but Alec doesn't seem to...
I Will Be The Best (malec fanfiction) by NerveRacked
I Will Be The Best (malec Cameron Hall
Alexander Lightwood is heartbroken. He feels betrayed, confused, and a little angry. Magnus Bane had left him behind without hearing a word of reason, he broke Alec's he...
Im obsessed ( yandere tokyo revengers x male oc)  by Nothing_no_ond
Im obsessed ( yandere tokyo No_one
(this is tokyo revengers x male oc) (this is my first story that I made so pls enjoy ) and I'm not really good at english so if you read a wrong spelling or wrong sent...
Mr. PA And His CEO | ✔ by Dragon_Angel_6712
Mr. PA And His CEO | ✔by DA
"The Ferris wheel?" Alexander looked up at the wheel spinning slowly as holding hands, they walked up to it. Thankfully it was a cloudy day so looking up at th...
An Unexpected Miracle by MalecFanfictions
An Unexpected Miracleby MalecFanfictions
The life of Alec and Magnus will never be the same after something nearly impossible happens. [I love this story,credit to "Whytofor"]
Captive angel - Malec ~ON HOLD~ by pringlekaatje
Captive angel - Malec ~ON HOLD~by pringlekaatje
For 20 years the downworlders and the shadowhunters have been at war with each other, and the shadowhunters are on the loosing side. Magnus is the leader of the downwor...
MALEC ONE SHOTS||Alec & Magnus❤ by Sunshine_inmypocket
MALEC ONE SHOTS||Alec & Magnus❤by dramakween👑
MALEC babesssssss!!!! Here I come!! One of my favourite ships in the world is MALEC. Even though I haven't written anything like this before, I thought I would give it a...
Malec one shot by alectheknight
Malec one shotby alectheknight
My boys malec and my crazy mind