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Dear Little One by thefangirldiaries_
Dear Little Oneby a fictional fangirl
"Every action will return to you in the most unexpected ways." This is a Male!Maleficent fanfiction, thank you, but if you'd like to read it anyways even if it...
Moments of Romance and Tragedy (Gender-bent Disney Xreaders) by Jo-Parchment
Moments of Romance and Tragedy ( Jo Parchment
This is a collection of gender-bent Disney Xreader one-offs. Requests are open and welcome! This book will update every Wednesday and will have anything ranged from Yand...
Angels Above: Male Maleficent x Reader by Hanato0258
Angels Above: Male Maleficent x Hanato_0258
Started: June 10, 2021 Ended: N/A Description: Dedicated to @OneArtsyGamer03 and Disney's Movie Maleficent (2014) Copyright: - Based on Disney's Movie: Maleficent (201...
Healing the Heart [Disney Maleficent] by Expecto_fandom89
Healing the Heart [Disney SteamHeart
[Male! Maleficent x fem! fey! reader] Maleficent. King of the Moors. Feared by both those who lived within the wall of thorns, and those who lived in the nearby kingdoms...