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Four Seasons by Dagny_Fischer
Four Seasonsby Dagny Fischer
Being the only of her race, Maleficent can't stand Spring and all its mating rituals. Diaval must help her.
Thoughts of a Yearning Raven by AlexandraSeverus
Thoughts of a Yearning Ravenby AlexandraSeverus
There had been a time when Diaval would only rarely see through the very few cracks of her thick walls, and even then he would be too afraid to tell the one who dwelled...
Maleval: Heart Of An Artist by JonathonWhalen
Maleval: Heart Of An Artistby Jonathon Whalen
Diaval sings a song about his life and Maleficent's as DAGames. Friendship, mentions of Crush, and DAGames!!! I wrote this while listening to Heart Of An Artist. Sorry i...
Sudden moves - Maleficent x Diaval by evagreen_supremacy
Sudden moves - Maleficent x Diavalby evagreen_supremacy
Just a sleeping potion? After Queen Ingrith's war, which had left both sides, dark faes and humans b...
How To Deceive A Fae by JadedAngelsRising
How To Deceive A Faeby Jaded
Maleficent watches a four year old Aurora playing in the field outside the Moors. When the toddler finds herself in peril, the Dark Fae's long dormant maternal instinct...
Loyalty by destielsamcifer
Loyaltyby Destielsamcifer
AU: Just a few Maleval moments before Aurora’s curse takes place, and then the aftermath of the battle. A lot of fluff, and Maleval will emerge from these moments. They...
Maleficent and Diaval love story by Cmemem
Maleficent and Diaval love storyby Nacryless
A fan made love story about Maleficent and Diaval.
Счастливого празднества. by mashtet98
Счастливого празднества.by Mashurik
История о том, как и на топкие болота пришёл праздник.
A Whole Bunch of Ships by Super_Unicorn_Llama
A Whole Bunch of Shipsby Unicorn_Llama🦄
Just a bunch of one-shots of various shippings that I like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• how to court a dark fae • by tessaromantini
• how to court a dark fae •by • tessa •
Maleficent is living a pretty good life ever since Aurora's wedding. She has been taking turns between the Moors, the beastie's kingdom, some occasional expeditions to f...
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ever after? by Z18M9Malrae
Maleficent & Diaval: A happily ᶻ¹⁸ᵐ⁹
Heyy there! It's me, Z again! I've wanted to write a Maleficent × Diaval fanfiction for quite some time already, and when I watched Maleficent 2 and stumbled upon this b...
One Strange Family by Super_Unicorn_Llama
One Strange Familyby Unicorn_Llama🦄
Complete!! When Maleficent finds a wolf pup changed girl in trouble she helps her and takes her in as one of her own. But will it be a happily ever after or will trouble...
Maleficent gets sick a Maleval story by AllHailFirelordZuko
Maleficent gets sick a Maleval Zuko is ADORABLE!
Soo... I originally wrote this story on my other account, LoreOlympusHadesGirl, but for some reason I can't get back into it so I will post this story along with others...
♡ | dream; maleficent + diaval. by malevaletters
♡ | dream; maleficent + ♡ 𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔢𝔳𝔞𝔩.
| Diaval se dizia estar apaixonado por Arabella. Mas ele não sabia que a mulher dos seus sonhos era quem ele menos esperava. [texting | modern!au | maleval | friends? to...