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From Azkaban to Master by VicMalfoy19
From Azkaban to Masterby Vic Uchiha-Uzumaki
Voldemort returns. Harry is wrongly accused. All hell breaks loose... but it's already too late by the time the Order of the Phoenix realizes it. Well some minor deta...
The Mark of a Death Eater by poppyjames
The Mark of a Death Eaterby Poppy James
"As I have said, this is the Dark Lord's orders-" I detonated. "I'm sorry, what... what are you talking about?" I couldn't breathe. Snape's bla...
Trophy wife || Lucius Malfoy x Reader || by SryDaddyIvebeenbad
Trophy wife || Lucius Malfoy x SryDaddyIvebeenbad
Y/N Black had just turned seventeen and is therefore expected to marry. Her father has arranged what he calls " a proper pure blood match" for her, but Y/N is...
Drarry One Shots by drarrycuddles
Drarry One Shotsby drarrycuddles
It is what it says, all Drarry. I decided to pull together several of my short stories into a collection of One Shots (it makes more sense to do it this way) so this was...
Dancing With The Snakes by VicMalfoy19
Dancing With The Snakesby Vic Uchiha-Uzumaki
Small Harry Potter, we know as the boy who lived. But what if Harry wasn't just the boy who lived? What if Harry Potter wasn't really Harry Potter? Well that story be...
Narcissa x reader by hbc_helen
Narcissa x readerby NarcissaBlack
You are y/n y/l/n You are 19 years old Your a half-blood There will be torture and smut in it I will give a warning if in the chapter will be torture or smut Have fun re...
Fear of a Name by WiseLikeARavenclaw
Fear of a Nameby Lei [they/them]
Ivory Ferali Riddle hasn't had a normal upbringing, even for a witch. Born to Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, all she has known is hatred and pain. Then, after t...
Dark Findings (Drarry) by silvermist_sky
Dark Findings (Drarry)by silvermist_sky
When you turn 18, you get your inheritance. Harry James Potter, who in this story is really Hadrian James Potter-Black, gets his at the Dursley's. he finds out that he's...
Confessions of an Ex-Death-Eater by drarrycuddles
Confessions of an Ex-Death-Eaterby drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story. While Draco is confined to the manor on house arrest, he writes his story, publishes it, then shuts himself away from the wizarding world. Some nine and...
The Keeper of the Diamond (Severus Snape x reader & Lucius Malfoy x reader) by Yan_Senna
The Keeper of the Diamond ( Senna
Y/N is a big Harry Potter fan. However, her friends, Laura and Vera, are not. But that's okay. She often daydreams about living in the Wizarding World, going to Hogwarts...
One Shots (Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Valtor/Baltor, Negan, Zuko) by Yan_Senna
One Shots (Severus Snape, Lucius Senna
*This is a one shot collection of Harry Potter, Winx Club, The Walking Dead and Avatar: The Last Airbender.* The one shot stories will mainly contain Severus Snape (SS)...
Irresistible Fate by drarrycuddles
Irresistible Fateby drarrycuddles
A Drarry Story. Set six years after the war: Auror Potter is injured during a hunt for the last remaining members of Voldemort's inner circle. He and Draco are thrown ba...
Iris Lily Potter (Harry Potters Sister) Book 1 by michellemindy
Iris Lily Potter (Harry Potters Mindy
(Completed) Iris and Harry live with the Dursleys' together. Harry sleeps in the cupboard under the stairs. Iris sleeps in the basement with the mice and spiders. Harry...
My Best Friends Mother by Malfoyoml
My Best Friends Motherby Malfoyoml
I haven't seen much NarcissaXReader or anything so I figured I'd write my own. This is basically how I plan my DR to be so the main character is me. I don't really know...
Aftermath by theeighteenthnerd
Aftermathby EIGHTEENTH
"What brings you here, Malfoy?" Hermione questioned the man in front of her, perplexed. "Is that how you greet an old friend, Granger?" Draco smirked...
drako, the piss kink boy  by sunsetsarelife22
drako, the piss kink boy by ✨
take all my stories VERY seriously 🙄
Blond Hair and Green Apples (Draco Malfoy x Reader) by malfoy-934
Blond Hair and Green Apples ( malfoy-934
A Hogwarts experience when you're not the chosen one. ~~~ When Draco Malfoy and Y/N Diore met, they clicked instantly. From a powerful pureblood friendship to an even mo...
Wait, I'm not a Granger, I'm a Zabini?!?!?!?!? by Gryffinclawin1129
Wait, I'm not a Granger, I'm a Gryffinclawin1129
On her 18 birthday, Hermione Granger finds out that she isn't a Granger, but she's actually adopted, and she's actually a ZABINI!!!!!!??! With her newfound identity, com...
The Baby Malfoy by Aren_Hufflepuff1980
The Baby Malfoyby Aren Hufflepuff
Malfoy has a baby sister who was able to go to Hogwarts with him during his 4th year. Lucius and Narcissa had been so busy where they asked the headmaster to allow their...
Hazel Salvatore by fanofpottah
Hazel Salvatoreby 𝐚𝐳𝐫𝐚
CURRENTLY BEING RE-WRITTEN! A story that combines two universes, the vampires and the wizards. Friends from both universes trying to get along, trying to stay in control...