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CHANGING FATE (Harry Potter/ Avengers, WTM) by Torikaiser93
CHANGING FATE (Harry Potter/ Torikaiser93
Most people know the Potter's and how they defeated the Dark Lord on that cold Halloween night, but what most people don't know on that same night, a tragedy happened at...
the hated weasley (draco Malfoy love story) by Kat_Botelho99
the hated weasley (draco Malfoy Kat Botelho
Rocky Weasley little sister to Fred George Bill Charlie Ron and Percy Weasly, twin sister to Ginny Weasley and youngest daughter to Molly and Arthur Weasley by four m...
Born with the blood of the devil (A Harry Potter fanfiction) by Animelover112523
Born with the blood of the devil ( Anime and KPOP lover
Harry had lived an awful life so far first his abusive relatives then this huge man comes in and tells him he is actually a wizard and he will be attending a school wher...
Hogwarts Reunion by _xXMonyXx_
Hogwarts Reunionby _xXMonyXx_
Hermione Malfoy nee Granger disappears from the Wizarding world 20 years back. What if she gets a letter to the 20 year reunion. Will she go?...Read the story to find ou...
My Relationship (Polyamory) (Severus Lucius Bellatrix And Narcissa x oc by fictionchalover
My Relationship (Polyamory) ( KJ
I don't know why the hell I'm writing this but yea lol enjoy ⚠️Tw⚠️ Smut Torture Rape maybe Pregnancy No abortion 😑 Polyamory relationship + Don't read if you will...
You're On Your Own, Kid ~HpxMCU by bumblebee__x
You're On Your Own, Kid ~HpxMCUby bumblebee__x
"Cause there were pages turned with bridges burned" "So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it. You've got no reason to be afraid &q...
draco malfoy imagines  by perriesdisora
draco malfoy imagines by 💚✨⚡️
just a bunch of fluffy draco malfoy situations😘 uploaded: 29/10/2020 💚
reputation - (h.p.) by dylan_rose210
reputation - (h.p.)by dylan!
in which gaia lestrange and harry potter overlook the reputations which precede them. 𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧 ❛ She was convinced that even if she had already lived a thousand l...
Aludra | Harry Potter Fanfiction | by Drachoe_Mouthboy
Aludra | Harry Potter Fanfiction |by JJ ✨
[BOOK 1] "She cannot stay here, Narcissa," "She's our niece, Lucius! Where else do you expect her to go?" "Send her to live with that other sist...
Secret Daughter (HpxMcu) Completed ✓ by craftywitch21
Secret Daughter (HpxMcu) Lilith
Lilith Lucifer Snape Daughter of Severus Lily and Severus's little secret What happens when some specific families from the wizarding world visit the muggle world? Read...
Violet Potter and the Basilisk Plague (Year Two) by ShawnaMScott
Violet Potter and the Basilisk Shawna Marie Scott
Violet Potter's Second Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has begun. When Harry Potter and his best friend, Ron Weasley are almost expelled for (illegall...
The Slytherin Prince's Neko | Drarry (REVAMPED) by SeraphimFawn-fallen
The Slytherin Prince's Neko | Xūnyīcǎo
Everyone knows of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter's rivalry but there is something they don't know and that's something Harry wants to keep secret from everyone, Professor...
From freak to Harry Snape  by suzslytherin
From freak to Harry Snape by suzslytherin
This story is of how an unloved Harry finds a parent and some mates who love him very much
[1] Going Against the Grain || Bill Weasley by simplyjareau
[1] Going Against the Grain || Katey (taylors version)
They say that the apple never falls far from the tree, but Quinn Riddle proved that sometimes it fell worlds away. As a child, Quinn tried her best to prove that she and...
Call Me Vengeful by LizEG96
Call Me Vengefulby Liz
Book Four in the Call Me Series Embry vanished after the murder of Sirius Black, leaving only a note behind to say her goodbyes and promise that she'd one day return. A...
Forever Family by emilynicole96
Forever Familyby emilynicole96
Ron leaves after the war to avoid the girl who broke his heart. He is gone for over 6 years, ignoring all communication from his family and friends. He decides to return...
01.2│EUPHORIA [ ON HOLD ]  by yaemikhoe
01.2│EUPHORIA [ ON HOLD ] by eula
In which Iris Euphoria Potter is the girl who lived. #20 on tomriddle [ 08.31.20 ] #1 on Dursleys [ 09.08.20 ]
Harry Potter Next Generation: Family Legacy by Brooke_Writer
Harry Potter Next Generation: Brooke
Albus Potter, Hazel Malfoy, Scorpious Malfoy, and Rose Weasley are new first-years at Hogwarts, and the four of them only have one thing in common-- they're determined t...
Harry never though something good and bad could change his life the good part is that he has a family the bad part is that people he was close to and loved betrayed him
Hermione Bella Riddle  by megan222333
Hermione Bella Riddle by megan222333
Hermione is caught by death eaters after the quidditch World Cup and discovers a shocking trueth will she stay with her old friends or join her family