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My Vampire mommies  by alex_ghramb
My Vampire mommies by Alex
Opal and Helen are the leaders of the South of America, the most feared mafia heads in the world currently, along with being mafia they're both vampires which makes them...
Completion of Family by realisticteenager
Completion of Familyby realisticteenager
Millie and Neil Mukherjee. A young successful couple. They have everything they wish for, except one. A child to call theirs. Even after numerous tries, the couple could...
Four Beating Hearts by elizaheart2364
Four Beating Heartsby elizaheart2364
Penelope Winston is a 17 year old girl with her old sister being the only remaining family she has. Being a little, what happens when Penelope goes missing when supposed...
The Youngest Royal by myohmyers724
The Youngest Royalby Myohmyers724
After a life of foster homes and hiding, Estrella has a chance to have a family. Will she accept her 'little' classification? Follow the royal family as they navigate th...
Abandoned  by spongebob0421
Abandoned by Chicklebop21
After a long gruelling search a missing child is finally found. It's worse than they expected.
let us love you by jjlookatme
let us love youby venus
Rework of @Jerriesgirl Grow with me book. (without Jesy obvs) When Jade gets a new case at work, she struggles majorly to find a home for Perrie. Perrie has been abused...
Little Holidays by Bestactor123
Little Holidaysby Bestactor123
This story is about the couple Scarlett and Cobie who have a miscarriage and their friend Yn helps them to relax by taking a trip to the Maldives. But what nobody of the...
Lil Bil |B.E| by billie_pirate16
Lil Bil |B.E|by Billie🫶🏼
Billie is a little. That's all I have, sorry.
Can you let me in? by artworkunlocked
Can you let me in?by artworkunlocked
AU where y/n, codename Surge is a little and no one knows it. Natasha is tasked to take her out but what happens when the woman drops in front of her. Will she complete...
Helping Lena  by Fade_away45
Helping Lena by Fade_away45
20 year old, Lena, working at a library tries to navigate her way through something she wishfully wants to indulge in. But with no proper help, she struggles in which d...
my dada is a Mafia leader  by Chickenandwafflesfri
my dada is a Mafia leader by orange juice 🧃
small little girl can't grow stays a newborn has 8 brothers and mama and dada and a lot more people (I'll introduce later) mom owns all of the biggest clothing stores an...
Neighbour's Mama by kinkyforu
Neighbour's Mamaby Sk
a story about an angry looking lady, priya and a kind hearted girl , Alice
Odd Girl Out - Kate x Autistic!Reader by pughs-woman
Odd Girl Out - Kate x Autistic! pughs-woman
Autistic!Reader :) Kate Bishop x Reader Hello friends! Now before you say anything about the autistic reader, no I am not autistic BUT, my brother has autism and so I'll...
Forever My Bambina  by xDani_Stefx
Forever My Bambina by xDani_Stefx
Carina has finally moved back in but Maya is still trying to heal . Diane suggests a coping mechanism that Carina is more than willing to help Maya with . WARNING: this...
A Second Chance | girlxgirl | age regression by seashell508
A Second Chance | girlxgirl | seashell508
Venus Collins, a 17 year old girl who has been in looking after her 5 younger siblings since she was 4. Everest Grey and Alexander Gray, two wives that have been marrie...
Milana by _MyBitches_
Milanaby Wattpdbitch
Milana Ferrari A 2 years old mafia princess. The first girl to be born in the Ferrari family for 7 generations. She has 5 brothers and her mama and daddy. Join the st...
Saved  by the USWNT: An Agere story by elizaheart2364
Saved by the USWNT: An Agere storyby elizaheart2364
Exactly like my old story, except age regress based!
Helping Aurora  by AdoringlyFlorence
Helping Aurora by Scarly’s girl <3
When you turn 16, you are matched with your forever person. Aurora is matched with both Scarlett and Olivia, A CEO of her own company and a doctor. Watch as the women br...
Rishton Ki Dor by unknown1389107
Rishton Ki Dorby unknown1389107
This is a joint family story where everyone loves each other to no extent Join their journey to learn how the elder brothers deal with the younger brats...