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(1)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself by GirlUnderSun
(1)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend Holy
Rumor had it that Qiao Xi had a weak constitution-a sickly beauty. Rumor had it that she spent a fortune every day on medications-eating them like candy. Rumor had it th...
The Girl I Lost Touch With by HarpreetkaurGuru
The Girl I Lost Touch Withby HarpreetKaurGuru
Amalinder as a introverted young boy, never wanted to feel attached with other kids in school other than his childhood friends, but things got changed when new admissio...
Outcast | KNJ by yoonglight93
Outcast | KNJby 𝗟𝘂𝗻𝗮 ☽︎
"It's our way or no way." | some mature scenes
My big baby ║KTH║ by brightest_start01
My big baby ║KTH║by alice..
right now we are sitting inside the car. going to his, or should I say our house. in complete silence. he is driving and I'm just looking outside the window. and suddenl...
Wangxian Oneshots by NagisaMoon9
Wangxian Oneshotsby Nagisa Moon
Fluff Wangxian Oneshots.Very light angst.This is to heal the deep, painful wooounds we endured on our journey in reading Mo Dau Zu Shi. If you just read wangxian angst a...
We all know Kathir and Mullai hate each other at the very beginning of their married life. But Mullai as such had no hatred like kathir had for her. She hated only his l...
I Hate You But I Love You More by My_Flower101
I Hate You But I Love You Moreby Reee
They say desperate times call for desperate measures. They even say blood is thicker than water. Still, is it really worth it marrying this unknown man? Darson truly get...
Fides. by _Lilyane_ Lilyane
"It was you... You took her away from me..." "Yn, please.. let me explain... I-" "You took her away from me! And I'll never forgive you for that...
To  Be  A  Family  by proy99790
To Be A Family by Cupcake
Elizabeth stops her and says while laughing, "are you asking for my permission???? Come on Anna...just say it..." Anna hesitantly smiles and asks her, "I...
Wedding In Pandemic ( Completed ✔)  by Spmoonchild3
Wedding In Pandemic ( Completed ✔) by Sreelakshmi Pradeep
Weddings are always special. But when it is your cousin's wedding it is even more. Maya is a sweet independent girl, who radiates happiness and energy everwhere she goes...
Broken trust (TS) by SaraNoor278
Broken trust (TS)by Noor Fatima
Trust toot jaye toh dubara hona mushkil hai right. But agar trust kuch iss tarah toot jaye ke kabhi jud na paye toh kya hoga?
A light in the darkness by ElaheKarami
A light in the darknessby Elahe Karami
(Sequel to my mother married a Capo) Two years have passed since the fall of Volkov. Two years of Mason King ruling over America's underworld, the fearsome Don of Americ...
The Ex-wife Dominant Revenge by inspirit_keisha14
The Ex-wife Dominant Revengeby InspiritMaeLKim
"Love feels so right, yet very unpredictable and addictive enough to make you crazy".
THE BAD GIRL- Anahita (Updates Wed & Sat) by crazywriter1116
THE BAD GIRL- Anahita (Updates Sarah
On request of you all, my lovelies, Updates will be twice a week- Wednesday & Saturday ❝ Ishq saccha wahi Jisko milti nahi manzilein ❞ - Humari Adhuri Kahani It is the...
MON AMOUR (MY LOVE) by zara111111111
Hello cuties it's urs zara This is my first project am very excited to write my first story. And about the story it's an Indian story and it's a short story And friends...
Rio Romance Book 1 Pt 1 by SeanFastandFurious
Rio Romance Book 1 Pt 1by Hailee Fast and Furious
Carly Toretto is the sister of Dominic and Mia Toretto they are in Rio for one last Job to take down Hernan Reyes during their last heist in Rio, Carly meets Captain Luk...
The Billionaires Heartbeat  by fumilayo2001
The Billionaires Heartbeat by fumilayo2001
I hate you and will never ever fall in love with a gold digger and whore... so please stay far away from me if not am going to hurt you and remember we are only married...
For Better, For Worse by Jiley_Craze
For Better, For Worseby -S
It's been a year since James Dalton's wife, Addison, passed away after a fatal incident between her and her ex-fiancé, leaving James to have to bring up their children o...
Obsession Of Your Love by _Lightray
Obsession Of Your Loveby Light_ray
Sanchana Sisodia is the daughter of the famous Lawyer of the city of Jasialmer. Like her father, she has also dreamt of becoming Lawyer but her dreams were shattered whe...
Motivation of Memories: The Second Book of the Labors of Love Series by NubianGoddess494
Motivation of Memories: The NubianGoddess494
After the death of her grandmother Genevieve Elise Anne Bonsu is finally moving out of her parents home. Growing weary of working in the family restaurant and being haun...