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You're Killing me, Mate. by seaweedismine
You're Killing me, Anna
Second Book of I'm Dying Mate Series (Stand Alone Book) Mirage is a hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf with a heart condition. She's a being that should never have...
Love your demons by Mubangak
Love your demonsby Mubangaa
"Why are you so Damn calm around me?" His voice turned angry and more forceful, that civilised moment we had faded. He Stared at me intensely, pining me agains...
Rouge Queen  by narialola
Rouge Queen by narialola
*I have edited this story so there should be no mistakes😊* Riley lockwood is not your average werewolf. She is the abused, broken and mateless girl. Her mate has reject...
Fuck Off (COMPLETE) by FutureMrsPayyne
Fuck Off (COMPLETE)by Queen Werewolf
Amber is a 17 year old girl that is beautiful. She is curvy in all the right places and has long straight brown hair. She is someone you don't wanna mess with. She is fi...
Tatum's Tears | On Hold by Its_Just_A_Heart
Tatum's Tears | On Holdby Haseena Asan
❝No soulmate ever leaves this world alone. They always take a part of their other half with them.❞ • TATUM KARAS, the soon-to-be-Alpha, is Mateless. Well, technically, s...
The Alpha's Brother {Man X Man} by Spotlight_
The Alpha's Brother {Man X Man}by Robyn
{Book Three In : The Alpha's Trilogy} Symon was on the run. He's been on the run so long that he wasn't even sure what the point was anymore. But all his running and h...
When The Dark Moon Rises by Phoenixbaby
When The Dark Moon Risesby Phoenix
Sarahlena Hayes has no one left, until she finds her mate that is. He rejects her, but she can't run or hide. She stays to put up with the constant pain in her chest of...
I don't belong to you | A werewolf story (ON GOING) by beautifulwolfeye
I don't belong to you | A werewolf stories
Linnett was an normal wolf with a normal life until she found out that her mate was her Alpha on the age of 16. They fell in love right away. When she was 20 and her mat...
A Friend To The Elements by ladybug23
A Friend To The Elementsby ladybug23
**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** In a world of shape shifters there are select rare individuals that can sense the energy in the earth allowing them to not only control elements...
Inamatus (Sequel To ILR) (SAMPLE) by MixyBell
Inamatus (Sequel To ILR) (SAMPLE)by MixyBell
SAMPLE Third place in the 2017 Hopeful Awards 148 in werewolf (July 12, 2016) 26th in loveless (May 11th, 2018) Sequel to Innocent Little Runt "Maxillius! Just wa...
Mr. & Mrs. Alpha (On Hold) by CharliCatastrophe
Mr. & Mrs. Alpha (On Hold)by Marcelene Majors
What do you get when two alphas are destined to be together? A happy ending right? Wrong. Try; A) About 2,500 drunk werewolves and humans alike B) A hook-up that shouldn...
Are You Still Out There by Ireadmostly
Are You Still Out Thereby Ireadmostly
You know in the werewolf world your mate either rejects you or have a happy ever after with you but what when you never really got the chance to fully meet them I'm Skyl...
The Elimination Game by Helumarkonjo
The Elimination Gameby Princess Consuela Banana Hamm...
Rachel is the only daughter of the Queen and king of the werewolf society. So everyone is excited for her to turn 18 and rule with her mate. when she doesn't find her ma...
Secrets galore by dev_il909
Secrets galoreby Dev
I may or may not continue this sorry. please read secrets invented before this otherwise you might get confused. Book 2
Alpha Queen by spazzlevels
Alpha Queenby spazzlevels
~prologue~ Day in and day out life goes on people live and die but. me all I do is just sit here and exist in the pack they all stay as far away from me as they can g...
Mateless by colourgreen28
Matelessby Dylan28
Francis is the daughter of the Beta of her pack. She has an older brother, so if she isn't the future Beta of her pack, what is she? Francis wants to find out who is she...
Our Second Meeting by SinLena
Our Second Meetingby SinLena
Jane is an ordinary woman, or so she thinks until she meets a man who will undeniably change her life forever. James seems to be the perfect man, well spoken, kind, gen...
Under A Full Moon (BxB) (Mpreg) by lovleyashlyn
Under A Full Moon (BxB) (Mpreg)by ashlyn park
Cian Night a pure half breed, never had the attention of his parents. One day a letter from a royal family came and invited his family to attend to a ball there, but nev...