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The Alpha's New Girl by SelenesDistrict
The Alpha's New Girlby Selene's District
Nadine wanted nothing but to prove that she's worthy of becoming her boyfriend's Luna, but on the night of the selection, hunters arrived and Nadine was shot. Barely bre...
Made for you | rini au by Jo_3526
Made for you | rini auby Jo
Nini is the Princess of a small world, unknown to people. The day she was born she was cursed by a person her parents used to trust with their life. What happens when th...
Werewolf Elemental by ashenvxbes
Werewolf Elementalby ashenvxbes
Halsey grew up believing stories about powerful beings such as Elementals exists. ♧•♧•♤•♧•♧ It was said that there is anoth...
Saving Her Lycan by Sage_Veth
Saving Her Lycanby Sage Veth
"It is like a game of push and pull.. My addiction to her, and so it gives her a free rein over me. She doesn't know it yet, but she has me under her foot, because...
Wolves of Seralis by MHeather03
Wolves of Seralisby MHeather03
Even Angels Fall - Book 1 Alora Raine is a human in a supernatural world. Abandoned at birth during the largest natural disaster of the decade, Alora is an orphan about...
>Mated To Him< by purp_grl
>Mated To Him<by purp_grl
Jay miller shortly called as Jay. being known as the next alpha of the pack is a true blood, born for a true blood alpha and a true blood female alpha. Vegan. shortly c...
Twilight Moon - Poly Story  by avnerno1230
Twilight Moon - Poly Story by avnerno1230
Everlyn Swan, always had a connection with nature and a complicated relationship with her mom and sister. The one thing she always wanted was to live with her dad at For...
The Der-Bear-Est of Them All by SapphireGinger
The Der-Bear-Est of Them Allby Michaela
True Mates Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale are as close as close can be. Derek is very protective of his little mate who is only three while he himself is only seven.
The little wolf GxGxG by Dimples1912
The little wolf GxGxGby Dimples1912
Skyler Stormbrook (25) Alpha of the Dark Moon pack, the strongest, fastest and smartest alpha in surrounding areas. Known for her work alongside the Lycan king in defeat...
The Gilbert Mate by Annie_the_Elf
The Gilbert Mateby Annie
A vampire diaries soulmate fanfiction.
Destined for Greatness by MarjorieK64
Destined for Greatnessby Marjorie
*Book 3 of the Destined Series* Without her sister, her mate, and her friends, Ryleigh has nowhere to turn to but home. Whether she wants to join her father's cause agai...
The Light Leopard by Matt-Snow
The Light Leopardby Matt-Snow
Who is really Ethan Sroth, this new and mysterious handsome brooding student with a frightening past, who expelled from his previous high school and fleeing his former c...
reach the stars by adaxrants
reach the starsby Adaeze
Blue Crescent Pack was cursed. Every 100 years, the Luna of Blue Crescent Pack would give birth to twin girls. The younger twin must be eaten by her older sister at the...
LETO by lmagineCasmere
LETOby Casmere Holmes
In hiding, alone and running for her life, Dahlia conceals her identity to find a safe haven in Lotus Moon pack as an omega. Learning to blend in and calm her ever grow...
His Queen by miss__imperfection_
His Queenby Jitika Salhan
Every king needs a queen. For Damien Knight, the options are endless. But among all the beauties in the world, only one will be lucky enough to be his beloved. His belo...
Young King  by dammitjimothy
Young King by HanInTheForce
Eighteen year old Kaiden King, also known as Young King, is the basketball prodigy of the inner city D.C. area. Coming from the projects, he's fought his way to the top...
Secrets of the Unity by ASH72468
Secrets of the Unityby A.S.H
(Currently being edited thoroughly {grammar and mis-spellings}. Feel free to read!!) Olivia has lived her whole life thinking that she was an ordinary she-wolf with ordi...
Natures Gift by Night-Lullaby
Natures Giftby Night-Lullaby
A young elf finds himself in a territory dispute between a vampire coven and a werewolf pack. Little does he know that this dispute will affect him in more ways than one.
Maddox, The Broken Alpha (bxb- BxG- bxbxb- bxgxb) by hmbritt
Maddox, The Broken Alpha (bxb- hmbritt
We've all read the books where the alphas mate is hurt or gets kidnapped and the alpha saves the mate. What happens when it's the other way around. What happens when it'...
Chasing Hope by KaseyG94
Chasing Hopeby KaseyG94
Adeline spent her entire life running from something she does not know , all she remembers is being told to run and never stop . So that's what she has been doing since...