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The wrong choice by TinaEmma
The wrong choiceby Tina Emma
The selection has ended. Maxon has chosen the girl he wants to marry. The choice was unexpected. He chose Kriss Ambers. Maxon was happy until the day all the Elite girls...
Maxerica With a Twist by gardenwalks19
Maxerica With a Twistby Cait
Maxon and America's lives will play out very differently considering that the King and Queen are still alive. Does King Clarkson still hate America? Will Maxon and Ameri...
Trapped (Maxon and America Love Story) by chameleons4life
Trapped (Maxon and America Love chameleons4life
America finally has Maxon. Happily married. She has the responsibilities as queen. Everyone adores the royal couple. But when Maxon starts to drink a little too much. A...
Healing Shattered Hearts (Maxon And America Story) by chameleons4life
Healing Shattered Hearts (Maxon chameleons4life
What if Maxon chose Kriss? Will America find her happily ever after? Will Maxon get her back? This is the same story as ChameleonsForever's aka me. The other account was...
Too far from each other by TinaEmma
Too far from each otherby Tina Emma
Is a fanfiction of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Maxon had chosen Kriss to be his wife has he regret that? America's career is going strong, but is she ready to m...
Beautiful Fear: A Maxerica story by cass16_
Beautiful Fear: A Maxerica storyby CASS
THE SELECTION BY KIERA CASS FANFIC || Maxon and America plan to enjoy their honeymoon in New Asia, but when chaos breaks out in Illéa, they are forced to return to the r...
A Rebellious Love-Maxerica by MaxericaTugMyEar
A Rebellious Love-Maxericaby Amber Leann
America Singer is the leader of the Southern Rebels. Prince Maxon Shreave is only looking for a wife, a queen. America's job is to end the monarchy. But that all changes...
The King and Queen of Illea by VIscholar15
The King and Queen of Illeaby Violet
This story start right where "The One" leaves off, so it contains SPOILERS. Maxon and America are getting their chance at happily ever after. Will everything...
The Crown Alternative Ending ~ K. Woodwork  by -SunsetSky-
The Crown Alternative Ending ~ sunny
"So let's do it" Kile said, grabbing my hands into his. "Do what exactly?" I said unsure of what he was getting at, cocking my head to the side. &q...
Engaged In Prep: The Sequel to Carolina Prep by gardenwalks19
Engaged In Prep: The Sequel to Cait
**THIS IS A SEQUEL SO PLEASE READ CAROLINA PREP FIRST** After Maxon proposed to America they soon had to readjust to being an engaged couple. Hiding one's identity can o...
This is what love feels like by Just_another_ace
This is what love feels likeby Tate
So...I was going to do a fanfic on one of my ships, but I didn't know if had the patience to do that so I decided to do a bunch of short stories on my SOME of ships (not...
A Selection Christmas by Maxerica17
A Selection Christmasby Maxerica17
Christmas during the selection......some stolen scenes from the one.....all rights reserved to Kiera Cass
Maxon's Choice-A Selection Story by ReginaPhalange234
Maxon's Choice-A Selection Storyby fanficsss
This is what I thought would've happened if Maxon chose Kriss. Where will America be now, has anything changed with her?? How about Maxon? Where is he at? Is he happy wi...
Only a 5 by I_justwannareadplzzz
Only a 5by Halliey
What if America wasn't chosen for the Selection. What if Maxon wasn't a prince? What would Aspen do if America was taken away by Maxon? All rights go to Kiera Cass. I...
The One (SelectionFanfic) by heytherewings
The One (SelectionFanfic)by Got Wings
My version of The One. This book does not include the rebels and mainly focuses on Maxon and America...mostly situations where I make America outshine the others ✨ The m...
The new Kings of Illea by Unitedtobooks
The new Kings of Illeaby Ale_uz✪
Wonder what happens after Maxon and America get married? Want more of Maxmerica? Then your in the right story!
Illeá High (the selection AU) by IWRITEFANFIC_11
Illeá High (the selection AU)by IWRITEFANFIC_11
Maxon Schreave. The most popular kid at Illeá high. Some say he's the king of the school, others say he's the prince right below the senior king, Michael. Personally I t...
A Happily Ever After  by AshlynFaith04
A Happily Ever After by Ash
Set two months after The One. Celeste and Queen Amberly made it safely through the rebel attack. America and Maxon are about to get married. Can America handle the press...