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💕Is This Love?💕 by the_selection_seriez
💕Is This Love?💕by Brooklyn
💕We're getting inside the head of Prince Maxon Schreave as he falls in love with Lady America Singer. This story tales place during one of my personal favorite scenes:...
The wrong choice by TinaEmma
The wrong choiceby Tina Emma
The selection has ended. Maxon has chosen the girl he wants to marry. The choice was unexpected. He chose Kriss Ambers. Maxon was happy until the day all the Elite girls...
Maxerica Academy by Hhhhhh05
Maxerica Academyby Makena
America Singer is being sent to Angeles Prep. A pristine school for princesses and princes in training, created by King Clarkson of Illea, in Angeles Illea. America is...
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfiction by Youwontknowmyname9
The REIGN : a Maxerica fanfictionby Youwontknowmyname9
⚠️READ THE SELECTION BOOKS BEFORE ! "Hello, my dear," he whispers. "Don't start," I warn in return, and we're both left smiling. He holds my hands as...
Shattered Singer by queenschreavee
Shattered Singerby Mrs. Schreave
Completed: What if America didn't find out about her father passing until the morning? What if Maxon didn't hear that crash in the hallway the night before the choosing...
Switched by Hhhhhh05
Switchedby Makena
18 years ago, Queen Amberley and King Clarkson were flying to Italy when Queen Amberley went into labor. They demanded that the plane be landed immediately at Carolina a...
SCHREAVED - Happily Ever After - MAXERICA (fanfic) by marielg04
SCHREAVED - Happily Ever After - marielg04
It is a Happy Ending after 'the one' a happy lovely story. Just imagine how would their life would be after the One! Their love gets stronger for each other for they hav...
The Confession by theselectionfan_
The Confessionby theselectionseriesfan
Have you ever wondered how Ahren and Eadlyn would take hearing about their parent's selection? This is what I think would happen..... (After The Crown, before the Extra...
Maxerica With a Twist by gardenwalks19
Maxerica With a Twistby Cait
Maxon and America's lives will play out very differently considering that the King and Queen are still alive. Does King Clarkson still hate America? Will Maxon and Ameri...
The One: Maxon by rbam03
The One: Maxonby rachel b
"Of course it's you." I smiled at her. She laughed in complete shock and kissed all over my face, giggling in between each one. "We're getting married?&q...
The Royal Romance by MargueriteGibson
The Royal Romanceby Harmus
What comes next for America and Maxon? Will she able to handle the courtly life or the responsibility of a Queen? Will she able to keep up to her promises as a wife also...
The Selection by booksaremybesties
The Selectionby booksaremybesties
Rosemary was a 3. She had some health issues. she loved the idea of a selection when she got a letter soon filled out the form despite what her family thought. She was s...
The Happily Ever After by triplea1127
The Happily Ever Afterby triplea1127
Ever wonder what happens to Maxon and America after "The One"? Will their love survive the rebles, an unrequited love, sudden tragedies, and much more? This bo...
The Selection by commoness_anonymous
The Selectionby commoness_anonymous
Maxon and America Schreave are the new King and Queen of Illéa, the country formed out of nothing after the fall of America(the country, not to confuse with the person)...
Beautiful Fear: A Maxerica story by cass16_
Beautiful Fear: A Maxerica storyby CASS
THE SELECTION BY KIERA CASS FANFIC || Maxon and America plan to enjoy their honeymoon in New Asia, but when chaos breaks out in Illéa, they are forced to return to the r...
Carolina Prep by gardenwalks19
Carolina Prepby Cait
What if Maxon and America met in college. Maxon is the most popular guy in school and this is America's first year. Will Maxon even notice her? Follow America through he...
Too far from each other by TinaEmma
Too far from each otherby Tina Emma
Is a fanfiction of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. Maxon had chosen Kriss to be his wife has he regret that? America's career is going strong, but is she ready to m...
Something More Than Happily Ever After Maxerica by paigegymnast88
Something More Than Happily Ever Paige
After Maxon Schreave and America Singer's get married, what happens next? This fanfic continues the relationship between Maxon and America [Maxerica]. *Kiera Cass owns...
💍The Proposal💍 by the_selection_seriez
💍The Proposal💍by Brooklyn
💍Maxon has just found out about America cheating on him, and he's devastated. He still loves her, but he doesn't think she loves him back. He is now out of options and...
The Prince (Maxon's Selection POV) by theselectionfan_
The Prince (Maxon's Selection POV)by theselectionseriesfan
•••On Hiatus••• Maxon's Selection from his point of view I don't own the characters (except an occasional guard or maid) All rights go to Kiera Cass!