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Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Foreigners of Humanity (Trolls x AWSOMEwh69A
As the Trolls try to escape the Bergens, a mysterious entity pushes them into a hole in the forest. They find themselves in a very unfamiliar place, and only one thought...
TOUCH ME IF YOU CAN (BNHA x Reader) by KokoLocoxx
TOUCH ME IF YOU CAN (BNHA x Reader)by Citrinitas
[READ THIS FIC IF YOU WANT TO CUT OFF TEN YEARS OF YOUR LIFESPAN AND BE ISEKAI'D ALREADY.] || (Name) Nakai was always misjudged by others in a good way. They think she's...
nightcrawler in disguise ( kaiju paradise ) by burgerandfries5
nightcrawler in disguise ( kaiju burgerandfries5
(based off the roblox game kaiju paradise) it's a requirement for all goo related creatures to attack and infect humans, all gootraxians must follow this rule. same thin...
My Crazy ex by namjoonsafro
My Crazy exby M.E.L_1787
Carla made the mistake of getting with an abusive rich man. Now she is living a life without him but little did she know he was coming back for her and he was going to u...
Danganronpa SHSL Loner (Fem!Reader x Danganronpa) by tsukimotonoel
Danganronpa SHSL Loner (Fem! TsuNo
You are also part of Kibougamine Gakuen together with Makoto Naegi, Kirigiri Kyouko, Togami Byakuya, Oogami Sakura, Asahina Aoi, Fujisaki Chihiro, Ishimaru Kiyotaka, Owa...
The new legends of monkey- Tripkey- The prince and his monk. by ToeTrixy
The new legends of monkey- Trixx_Tiger
Basically takes place after the end of season two. Tripitaka and the gang have started the search for all of the rest of the scrolls. They believe the monkey king is de...
Yandere Mewtwo x reader by Niharafroon
Yandere Mewtwo x readerby Niharafroon
Mewtwo was once your favorite character since you were a kid. Now your a single 18 year old female working for a living. Life is too dull for you. Until suddenly you're...
Way Back Home | MDZS by Pandaaaaru
Way Back Home | MDZSby Aru✿♥‿♥✿
As an orphan adopted by the Wen Clan, Wen MeiXiao never acted much like her other clan members. She was amiable, whimsical and a bit shameless sometimes. After realizing...
The daily life of our poor MC by Sakura_armyhime
The daily life of our poor MCby Q.Rina_sakurahime
friendship /ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp/ Learn to pronounce noun the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. "old ties of love and friendship" a relationsh...
I'm a little crazy . ( classroom of the elite x suzune twin sister oc) by Misterloser890
I'm a little crazy . ( classroom Misterloser890
horikita suzune was a reserved girl who is independent and a antisocial person , what if she had a twin sister that social , popular and always has a smile on her face...
Alone   ~hyunchan~ by squishy_bbokari
Alone ~hyunchan~by squishy_bbokari
Short story Slow updates Hyunjin and Chan meet again after years of not seeing each other. Can they forgive each other for past events and repair their broken friendsh...
School of Secrets (The Perkins School for Self Improvement #1) by GoldenPen_
School of Secrets (The Perkins Nicole Stewart
- Highest ranking: #162 in Fantasy. - When high school sophomore Timothy Renner's parents decide to send him across the country to an elite boarding school, he expects a...
Servamp Our Broken Bonds (On Hold) by Anime_Lover_6212
Servamp Our Broken Bonds (On Hold)by Alexis
The eves have encountered a new enemy but this new threat is beyond their power especially if it can beat their servamps. But this threat is not only powerful but gives...
"SOURCREAM!" An II fanfic by Imheretoreadfanfic1
"SOURCREAM!" An II fanficby Dear Diary
That was what started this whole mess. An unknown voice. Screaming "sour cream". It was a normal day for newfound friends Pickel and Microphone, bonding over...
What If by dvineangelleigh
What Ifby angel_leigh
The love I want only exists in you If it werent for you, I wouldn't laugh and cry idiotically like a child Being together is not easy, So don't thoughtlessly say goodby...
THE NEW MEMBER // The Uncanny Counter x Male Reader OC by N3on_P3tals
THE NEW MEMBER // The Uncanny Darcy
The Uncanny Counter x Male Reader OC ----------------------------------------------- "You keep staring at me with those cold dead eyes" As the unknown figure s...
My Other Half by never__perferct
My Other Halfby Eliza🤍
《Niki and Jungwon are each other's other half》 If you are gonna judge me don't even read my story ✨ #1 in wonki 4/17/2021 Word count : 4,758 Started: 12/24/20 Ended: 1...
Dead by Daylight  by Pxdorasbox
Dead by Daylight by Pandora
A dead by daylight reader insert story because hey its a cool game. Be prepared for a slim chance of romance, mentions of an abusive relationship, and descriptive gore...
Playing God by wolfYLady-sama
Playing Godby wolfYLady
The plaything becomes the player.
How did it become like this~ by Winnie_k0
How did it become like this~by Winnie_k0
This story will take place around chapter 106-108 ? Izeck and the others made it before the big fight of cecare ( I don't care how you spell it ) and ruby There was big...