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sweet nothings ▸ isaac by scamarauder
sweet nothings ▸ isaacby ࿔・゚*ೃ aria ࿐ ࿔
[ COMPLETED ] in which a girl cuts and a boy howls
Nemeton Spirit (Stiles Stilinski x MaleOc) by Panda-Mon
Nemeton Spirit (Stiles Stilinski PANDACHAN
They used to be the best of friends, all three of them. But one day it all changed, the night that Scott got bite changed everything between the three of them. Stiles an...
"I like the sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies." Jaelyn Whittemore is exactly like her twin brother Jackson. Narcissistic, pompous, and all together...
The Other Argent by writtergirl2
The Other Argentby Kenzie Hale
"Being the new kid is hell" Emily thought being a Argent was just about being part of a over protective family that moved a lot, but will moving to Beacon Hil...
•The Tragedy Of Living• Teen Wolf/The Vampire Diaries [1] by DarellyLucero
•The Tragedy Of Living• Teen LUC(IFER)ERO
•Humanity means nothing when you don't have someone to care about• Lorelli Mikaelson the most powerful creature of the supernatural world travels to Beacon Hills looking...
Sterek and Scisaac by TooAttachedAsAlways
Sterek and Scisaacby TooAttachedAsAlways
One-shots - mostly Sterek but there is always Scisaac present + actual shorts focused on Scisaac. If you want to request something just let me know ☺️. I also love fee...
Young love (Liam Dunbar) by thomasbrodie234
Young love (Liam Dunbar)by thomasbrodie234
Not all monsters do monstrous things {S4-S5-S6} under severe editing so if there's brackets around the chapter it has been edited :)
Sourwolf | derek hale by favdelulu
Sourwolf | derek haleby 🖕
Amanda Stillinski was never one to fall for guys like him. But when he smiles at her she trips and falls headfirst. Literally.
The girl who ran with werewolves ~peter hale love story~ by wolfies10
The girl who ran with werewolves wolfies10
Mckenzie Lahley, best known as the girl who runs with werewolves, is a teacher at beacon hills high school but she holds a little secret....
Come In (a Sterek Fanfic) BoyxBoy by JakeyWolf
Come In (a Sterek Fanfic) BoyxBoyby Topaz
(Book 2) [Sequel to Get Out] [Novelette] The Alpha Pack mess is all behind now. Peter is now the alpha and wants to rebuild the Hale manor. Stiles and Derek are happier...
~Beacon Hills~ /Scott Mcall by Unspoken26
~Beacon Hills~ /Scott Mcallby Unspoken26
Mia and Mandy have been best friends forever. Then they meet Scott and Stiles. Stiles is Mia's twin brother. What happens when Mia and Scott are both werewolves and Mia...
His (s.m) by lightinthedark2002
His (s.m)by lightinthedark2002
Piper Jenkins a born wolf that has lived in beconhills all of her life her best friend stiles convinced her and her boyfriend of 1 year Scott to go find a body in the wo...
Hybrid (Slow Updates) by MushiFiction
Hybrid (Slow Updates)by MushiFiction
Savanna is back in Beacon Hills and she is a hybrid. A Vampire and Werewolf. Derek Hale has killed peter and is now the Alpha and is building his own pack. Meanwhile, th...
Innocence›› Derek Hale by kaytuhlenn
Innocence›› Derek Haleby katelyn
in•no•cence noun : the state of being not guilty of a crime or other wrong act : lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life : lack...
Dangerous love-Teen Wolf(Liam Dunbar) by whoisthebenefactor
Dangerous love-Teen Wolf(Liam whoisthebenefactor
Savanna Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski's younger sister.Savanna has been away at a boarding school for a year,now she is returning to Beacon Hills.But there's something way...
Pack Groupchat by Lena_hate
Pack Groupchatby Lena_somple
Scott decides to look back at his old contacts and comes across an old pack group chat. So he added the new pack members but also forgets a former pack member who was st...
Gold Robin  by percy_stilinski
Gold Robin by percy_stilinski
Stiles es abandonado por la manada, mientras que se está llendo recibe una llamada para que vuelva a gotham city , dice batman necesita a su gold robin , la manada lo e...
Void stiles imagines by damonsalvatoreiscute
Void stiles imaginesby Antisepticeyeismine
I love void stiles he's the sexiest villain ever ;)
The youngest mcall by Millssxxo
The youngest mcallby Millssxxo
Basically the whole teen wolf story except this time Scott had a little sister who ends up coming with them to find the dead body which results in her being involved wit...
The Siren / Teen Wolf Season 3A-3B by InfernalAce
The Siren / Teen Wolf Season 3A-3Bby Tia
Addilyn Bates came from no-where to somewhere. Beacon Hills became her home after Sherriff Stilinski came across her wandering in the woods , alone and broken. Something...