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DESTINIES COLLIDE  (A Boboiboy & Mechamato Fanfiction) by _Cosmic_Butterfly
DESTINIES COLLIDE (A Boboiboy & _Cosmic_Butterfly
A Boboiboy and Mechamato fanfiction. *Time period - After BBB movie 2* A new villain is after the legendary twin pendants of Creation and Destruction, which if brought t...
Too Late by ShazrinaAishah
Too Lateby Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
When something unexpected happened. Boboiboy Thorn has been shot by something without others realize it. While he's in pain, Ice got hurt while trying to protect him. Su...
Monsta Bois Short fanfics and Drabbles Collections by AishaZero9i18r
Monsta Bois Short fanfics and DiZAHster
Compilation of short fafics, drabble and oneshots of Animonsta IPs (mainly Mechamato and Boboiboy series for now). Either Canon, AU or even crossovers, i'll just yeet t...
PSU Drabbles and Oneshots by SeraNurul
PSU Drabbles and Oneshotsby hiatus
I write my PSU thoughts to fanfics here, drabbles and oneshots only. [WARNING: THIS FIC CONTAINS VIOLENCE, HEAVY ANGST, CHARACTER DEATH, ETC. SOME READERS MAY FOUND THES...
BoBoiBoy: The Fallen Hero by JE_TheLion
BoBoiBoy: The Fallen Heroby jazz the lion
My very own fanfiction takes place after BoBoiBoy movie 2 and BoBoiBoy galaxy season 2 (even though it has not completed yet, as this is not canon from the original. wh...
I will be there for you by Rhythm_MG
I will be there for youby Satakshi
After Boboiboy's battle with Ratak'ka Commander Cocochi ordered them to stay on Earth therefore Tapops - U was created but what after they went back to Tapops? Is there...
BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the universe )  by solarhood
BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the solarhood
Our Bnha heroes had always faced many challenges and dangers on their way , they had already proven that they can overcome those challenges . So how about a little scho...
Boboiboy Reaction Book by Princess-Shadow
Boboiboy Reaction Bookby Ami_ShadowWattpad
Bbb with his friends and family + some people from their future, such as Tapops and Tempur-A members... are going to react to their future. This book takes after Bbb sea...
Together, Missions! (BoBoiBoy Fanfic) by Naisu_nana
Together, Missions! (BoBoiBoy naisunanamisu
BoBoiBoy and his friends were given a mission to Laskar Station and were ordered to follow an Admiral on his mission. Who is this Admiral? And, what kind of mission they...
Boboiboy Watching Themselves by nurmayzart2008
Boboiboy Watching Themselvesby Art is my life
This is before Adu Du's mother came to attacks Boboiboy and his friends. After the event with Mama Zila, Boboiboy already arrives at his home, ready to rest after the ev...
My Broken Family  by fangboboiboy_hashi
My Broken Family by ♡°Hashi°♡ away...
Mission for Us by tupaioren
Mission for Usby ish.
A Power Sfera Universe's fanfiction. Disclaimer ; Boboiboy and Mechamato belong to Monsta. A surprise visit from the Armoured Hero shocked the team, especially the leade...
Boboiboy (and friends) saying random crap by Forestvegetable
Boboiboy (and friends) saying Forest_Vegetable
made from my stupid ass imagination, not canon, because this is random. all characters are by monsta not me :]
Back to the Past by ShazrinaAishah
Back to the Pastby Shazrina Aishah (Hiatus)
Just a one-shot angst story about Boboiboy, Amato, and Tok Aba special for father's Day today. Boboiboy and other characters who are mentioned in this story are not min...
What is this? No Idea  by Forestvegetable
What is this? No Idea by Forest_Vegetable
Gacha club, art etc...also random skits I don't have a actual topic though this is just where I post random crap
Alphas Operators by JE_TheLion
Alphas Operatorsby jazz the lion
This takes after "Boboiboy: the Fallen Hero", as the remaining heroes still mourned over their loss. But there's also a separate story, where it explores abou...
Boboiboy Galaxy: Beyond Zenith by FieryBlaze777
Boboiboy Galaxy: Beyond Zenithby Abby
Boboiboy thought his adventures could end or atleast tune down a bit after his battle with Retak'ka. Oh how wrong he was! Watch/Read Boboiboy and his friends travel beyo...
STAY by purplynina
STAYby ~Nina~
Another great adventure... Another truth will be revealed. The secret of the past. But why he can't remember? Is it really is his memory or a dream? [Disclaimer] All the...
~Ejen Elemental~[on going] by WhiteFalcon_XP
~Ejen Elemental~[on going]by F@lc0n
-____-____-____- Ali is one of MATA Agent who uses Iris, created by his mother and (____). Although Ali has been bullied by the other young agents, he doesn't look sad a...
The Broken Mask  by fangboboiboy_hashi
The Broken Mask by ♡°Hashi°♡
Boboiboy and his friends are now on earth , enjoying their vacation. Amato also decided to spend some precious time with his family but something unexpected happens. Am...