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Stiles Is In A Gang!? by TW_TMR
Stiles Is In A Gang!?by TW_TMR
what if stiles isn't who he says he is? what is he's got secrets? what if the spazzy ADHD riddled kid isn't as Innocent as they all think he is? how will the pack react?
The Tomato and The Fox by CosyKitsune
The Tomato and The Foxby Kitsune 💫
The world needs more Tomatofox! so I decided to make a collection of one-shots. Hope you like! (Rated T as in 13+ for suggestive scenes and possibly swearing)
High at Freddy's| William Afton x Reader by inanakii
High at Freddy's| William Afton ash
You get high at Freddy's and William finds you.
Because what is life, if you can't go on a romantic getaway with your hot bf. by TotalllFangirl
Because what is life, if you can' Szarka
"I love you too, Nic" Apollo's son said after backing away from his boyfriend's face. "Gods, if I could only show you how much..." he said, sighing a...
Her Love Was Too Pure for Me by starlightspeedway99
Her Love Was Too Pure for Meby starlightspeedway99
Hiro gives some insight into her weird but cute relationship with Kai.
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Punchline  by Juju0nth3b3at
Punchline by Juju0nth3b3at
Hey anyone reading this is my first fanfic and as the title says this is gonna be a Eraser x joke fanfic. So their son is gonna be named Yushiro Fukukado for the first p...
My Firefly's In Danger by Cleo_Starlight_Hell
My Firefly's In Dangerby Grace
The gaang are all prepared for what could happen to them in the war but when Zuko falls ill will they be able too save him and figure out what's wrong? Sokka's lover wil...
Pillow Talk (Pointless, but sweet nonetheless) by Mirienka
Pillow Talk (Pointless, but Miah Fernandez
"Do you think I'm pretty?" "What's with the sudden interest?" "I just, ya know...was wondering." "Yes, you're very pretty, gorgeous, s...
Coming Home(boyxboy) by stargalwizi
Coming Home(boyxboy)by DJ Sykes
Evan Parker gets kicked out of his aunt's house and goes back home. He meets his best mate, Dylan waiting for him but he has a secret. Can Evan trust Dylan with his secr...
I gave you my heart ~ An OtaYuri fanfiction by PsychoKillerWolf
I gave you my heart ~ An OtaYuri PsychoKillerWolf
"He gave me what I wanted! What did you give me?!?" "....I gave you my heart"
Hiraeth by TheYaoiKingdom
Hiraethby Queen K
Boy x Boy Original work !MATURE WARNING: READ THE TAGS IF YOU ARE NOT INTO ANYTHING LISTED DON'T READ'! HIRAETH- "homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over th...
MINE              a shameless Novel by fackxoffimnotxreddie
MINE a shameless Novelby call me Mrs.riddle and Mrs.Ma...
She lost everything she wanted,brooke Black makes her worst mistake in her life and it makes a huge turn,She then has to move away from Texas to Chicago.Where she meets...
🚬©IG🅰®ETTE 🅱UDDYS🚬:J🅰MES by fackxoffimnotxreddie
🚬©IG🅰®ETTE 🅱UDDYS🚬:J🅰MESby call me Mrs.riddle and Mrs.Ma...
"Come on Jamey,take one." "i-i don't think so,there bad for you.." "oh shut it!there good not bad for you,just take IT"
DON'T CALL ME LILLY by fackxoffimnotxreddie
DON'T CALL ME LILLYby call me Mrs.riddle and Mrs.Ma...
"Don't ever call me lilly, bowers" "How come?" " Only-" "What?your 'friend's only call you that!sure I've seen you,you don't have...
The Two Christmas/New Year oneshots I wrote ~ by saccharine_zucchini
The Two Christmas/New Year Saccharine_Zucchini
There was this Christmas Advent Calendar that I wanted to follow but didn't, soo... just take the two one shots Instead *~*
The End Of The Cucumbers by ZemarFines
The End Of The Cucumbersby Zemar Fines
When there's no more time left, you have to do what's the most important. In Salma's case, it's growing cucumbers.