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Tf2 X Reader (One Shots) by Screwychoas
Tf2 X Reader (One Shots)by Sapphire Valentine
I will be doing a series of one shots. I take requests! Please, request a scenario, and I will do it! :D No smut though, I want it pg here. But of course, there WILL be...
Hell's Rejects (Team Fortress 2 x Hazbin Hotel) by Cmonkey512
Hell's Rejects (Team Fortress 2 Muffin
Greetings, foolish mortals! It is I... Merasmus!!! Where are the pathetic excuses that you humans call mercenaries? In Hell! How did this happen, you may ask! Foolish mo...
A Familiar World (TF2 x Reader) by Gremlin0tf
A Familiar World (TF2 x Reader)by Grem
You're just an average 14 year old kid, Jack of all trades but a master at none. Though you can do many things at an average skill level, you're especially good at playi...
~Camping is fun! (Team Fortress 2, Bushmedicine fan fic)(Red!Sniper x Blu!Medic) by PybroTF2
~Camping is fun! (Team Fortress Gay-
///////PROLOGUE/////// The fight between Red and Blu is over, it was time for all of them to take a break,some of them went back to their land,some went to other countri...
tf2 oneshots (request Book Closed) by whalepower455
tf2 oneshots (request Book Closed)by whalepower455
hi this will be lemony slightly I'm editing stuff so don't rage on me 2020 dec 1 update edit: sorry for the inconvenience, i am now choosing what to right and what seems...
Merasmus's Haunted House Catastrophe by CaIIisto87
Merasmus's Haunted House blooberry_pancakes
(BLOOD WARNING. Also, don't expect this to be a masterpiece or anything, but I really did put weeks of effort into this.) It's a cool October Saturday, and while the mer...
Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2 by BluZombieMedic
Truth Or Dare : Team Fortress 2by BluZombieMedic
I will continue the ass slapping In every fudging character!
random headcanons and stuff by TheRemainsOfKitty
random headcanons and stuffby Curiosity Genesis
right in the title oneshots are possible Characters/fandoms I write for any slasher villain my OCs Dr. Two Brains SCPs Creepypasta BATIM Spamton Thrax (osmosis jones)[pe...
a story that Merasmus made by a_dinosaurous-rex
a story that Merasmus madeby no ❤
was not me who made the story lol
Let Him Go (again) [Merasmus/Jane/Zhanna] by OneWolfArmy
Let Him Go (again) [Merasmus/ Beast
Merasmus knew that the day that Jane spoke about her, he would have to let go of him. Despite the same thing always being repeated in his lifetime. It's getting sickenin...
Story dump by GlitchGirl318
Story dumpby GlitchGirl
A bunch of short story ideas I had in my head. All of which include my own OCs and headcannons. I do take requests but I do reserve the right to change and even reject...
(UP FOR ADOPTION) The New Girl (TF2 fanfiction, female mercenary) by Reptillia94
(UP FOR ADOPTION) The New Girl ( Hunter94
When the Administrator sees how badly RED team is doing she tells Miss Pauling to recruit a new member for the TF2 gang. Akari aka The Hunter, a Japanese mercenary. The...
Tales from the Bombinomicon by Insanitizingpain
Tales from the Bombinomiconby Insanitizingpain
IT IS I MERRRRRRAAASMUSS, I have been hiding and healing, it's a great pass time away from soldier, but anyway, LOOK INTO THE BOMBINOMICON FOR THRILLING AMUSMENT AND HO...
RP Story's  by penguincat1
RP Story's by penguincat1
These story's arn't fully mine they're my friends EquestrianShadow she's the one who wrote them and we both planned them out together. Also we will write other things no...
The Transitive Property of Curses and the Like by TalkinHank
The Transitive Property of Hank
A wizard takes on an apprentice. The wizard is not a willing participant in this exchange.