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Naruto: Dark Beginnings Original by Shi_Kira
Naruto: Dark Beginnings Originalby Shi_Kira
When Naruto gives up on being a Ninja after failing the Ninja exam, his life starts to spiral out of control and he ends up forced into the mercenary business, being tau...
Swords, Magic, and Mamono: A Will of Gunpowder and 50. CAL (x Male Reader) by Dumby301
Swords, Magic, and Mamono: A Dumby
Log 532: Location: Melidion Isles ----------------------------- "...This thing on?... Alright, hey. Y/N here... again. Its the Five hundredth and thirty-second day...
Kitten (Blake x Faunus Male Reader) by Gladiator065
Kitten (Blake x Faunus Male Reader)by Gladiator065
(Y/N) (L/N) is a fox faunus. He grew up in Menagerie with his friend Blake. They were both part of the White Fang, helping in the peaceful protests. However, as they tur...
The Hollowed Vigilante (Madness Combat x My Hero Academia) by ArcticRex
The Hollowed Vigilante (Madness Arctic Rex
Arctic Rex died back in Nevada for the 9th time, However during the Purgatory extraction he ended up in MHA with no memory of Nevada, just memories of his team and his s...
Fast-through System: Villain Boss, Wantonly Flirting  by aruminzepo
Fast-through System: Villain aruminzepo
Author: 秦原 Qin Yuan warning: The ML is a yandere. [1v1] [This is an MTLed novel, only edited to make sense] Please read the first chapter to get a better idea of the s...
The Tells of a Different Childhood by Seasilver17
The Tells of a Different Childhoodby Seasilver17
A Teenage Mercenary Fanfiction ----------------------------------------- After being in another country for 10 years and fighting for all of those 10 years, there are ce...
All That's Left by Mightyenaboy975
All That's Leftby Mightyenaboy975
Grey Koi-Len is the middle child of five, he has an older brother and sister, and two younger sisters. When his father gets injured and can't help support the family, Gr...
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemons by Garnat2001
Red vs Blue x Reader Lemonsby Perla
It's just you and them ;)
Siren Song (The Fated #1) by UnboundWings
Siren Song (The Fated #1)by Katelynn Bell
Iliana Katrakis couldn't care less about the will of the gods, and she's certain they feel the same way about her. After all, it's rare for the god-touched to live norm...
Hell Or High Water (Escape From Tarkov + Arknights) by Memphis_2004
Hell Or High Water (Escape From Memphis
As an USEC operator who caught himself in the midst of chaotic events, the attempt to escape from the city of Tarkov for him have failed. However instead of joining crow...
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenary by Zillaworld
Kill La Kill: The Tiger Mercenaryby ZillaWorld
(I do not own Kill La Kill) Futa oc x Ryuko Matio and Satsuki Kiryuin
Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Be A Mercenary In The Dungeon by KeanChoi0
Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Be A Blueknight
Note: The story is merely fanfiction, please support the original author. Original characters may be mentioned throughout the story. Bell meets a mercenary a few days af...
Red hood  by izumomolover25
Red hood by Izumomolover
As UA had parents teacher conferences Nezu wanted to bring out the surprise to his students and it happens to be Momo boyfriend
Normality :: Stiles Stilinski by HushedMidnight
Normality :: Stiles Stilinskiby HushedMidnight
'So you're a werewolf?' 'Not exactly.' Normality means the state of being normal, typical or usual. Miya's sense of normality could be considered crazy or suicidal for m...
Empress of Eternal Winter (GL) by Zerin_Lee
Empress of Eternal Winter (GL)by Zerin_Lee
A normal high school student named, Makoto Ami, who was having the quietest high school days of her life---not. She was her school's cold-hearted Ice Queen. Sending co...
Identity V x Reader by aliventt
Identity V x Readerby (✿◡ ‿ ◡)
I am new to writing x readers, but not to writing! I hope to use this as practice to get better, and to give something for people to enjoy! With that being said, I hope...
Identity V ☽ oneshots by godlessying
Identity V ☽ oneshotsby Ying
Just a series of one shots of one of my favorite games :) Pls literally most of these is just me being a simp and simping too hard it turned into smut god please send he...
The Songbird and the Wolf by WolvesandMoons
The Songbird and the Wolfby Madelynn Tudor
The Fae who's lost everything. and the Soldier with nothing left to lose. The Queen, freshly crowned in bloodshed and fear. and the Stranger on the run from a world t...
Reincarnated extra refuses to die by Nelly012
Reincarnated extra refuses to dieby Nelly Ruiz
When I recovered my memories, it was almost too late. Becoming a sacrifice for a void cause was definitely not among my first options upon remembering my past life. And...
The betrayed Mercenary (betrayed deku x Momo) by RishonUmblas
The betrayed Mercenary (betrayed Hiiragi-san
In this au, deku was betrayed by UA and his so called friends, well some of them. But when they found out that he was innocent, they were guilty. know more in the story...