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Adore You - Jack Mercer by hannahxx98
Adore You - Jack Mercerby Hannahmariexx
This wasn't the life she had planned for herself; constantly running and fighting, fear imbedded into every fibre of her body from past trauma's and abuse she daren't sp...
Crimson Gold by DragonLord39
Crimson Goldby DragonLord39
My name is Ryan Mercer. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all of these things. 10 years ago, they took me and turned me into what I am today. Now I hunt...
Dangerous Love by Marie__reid
Dangerous Loveby Marie
Amity, the love faction. Dauntless the dangerous faction. Autumn the kindhearted Amity. Eric the heartless Dauntless leader. What happens when Amity is threatened by the...
Surviving The Tide With Shay by Renee_j_77
Surviving The Tide With Shayby
The sequel to Surviving The Summer With Shay!!!I recommend reading the first book so it makes more sense before you read this book...
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) [Requests Closed] by TheDragonBreath
Of Fond Memories (Skyrim Oneshots) ᎠᏒᎪᎶᎾᏁ bᏒᎬᎪᏆh
[Continuation of my book "Of Fond Memories" but it's entirely dedicated for Skyrim oneshots only, unlike my first book which was about both WoW and Skyrim] In...
SkyrimXReader: Oneshots and Preferences by geekyarmorel
SkyrimXReader: Oneshots and geekyarmorel
Just oneshots and preferences about some NPCs who I find kind nice. Open for request! No smut though.
Beyond Couture | Steamy Romance✔️ by Nilly_
Beyond Couture | Steamy Romance✔️by ❋M❋
"Things are about to get HAUTE." The 3rd story in the Mercer Men Trilogy. *YOU CAN READ THIS STORY INDEPENDENTLY* Caesar Mercer is one of the world's hottest a...
Stand Tall // Julie and the Phantoms (Luke Patterson) by TheQuietHufflepuff
Stand Tall // Julie and the TheQuietHufflepuff
Emilia never got to see Sunset Curve become the band she knew they could one day be. 26 years after her departure from the world, a girl plays an old Sunset Curve CD, un...
Skyrim Dovah One Shots by FallenKhajiit
Skyrim Dovah One Shotsby Goodness Loki
Requests open but may not be written for a little bit. Also no longer posting on this book, I will be publishing a part 2 hopefully soon. Random Skyrim stuff, I will tr...
Cinderblock Garden // Julie and the Phantoms (Luke Patterson)  by TheQuietHufflepuff
Cinderblock Garden // Julie and TheQuietHufflepuff
Cassandra, Cassie, Wilson has always been down-to-earth. She maintains her friendship with Julie, thus gaining a new friend in Flynn. When Julie performs a song to try...
The Rules of Survival (Mercer #1) by The_Starzee
The Rules of Survival (Mercer #1)by Starzee
Kalen Mercer's Rules of Survival Rule #1: Don't get caught. Rule #2: Always get even. Rule #3: Trust Nobody. Survival isn't just a word to Ioney Mercer; it's a way of...
A New Thief by Septiplyierfangirl
A New Thiefby Septiplyierfangirl
In Markarth, there lives a half Nord, half Khajiit young man.Being a total outcast from both Nord and the Khajiit, he was raised by a Hagraven and three Spriggans. He wa...
Surviving Sisters // Griff Temple by 20emmah
Surviving Sisters // Griff Templeby 20emmah
A girl and her sister, summer, are sent away from NY to live with their mums old friend. They think they will have a terrible time but once they get there and find frien...
No Mercy by MrsUrie-Stumph
No Mercyby MrsUrie-Stumph
Bobby Mercer didn't come home alone. He came with his wife and adopted sister Audrey Mercer. They had been through Hell and back together. Now they're back to avenge the...
Skyrim Oneshots and Scenarios by Alpha__Female
Skyrim Oneshots and Scenariosby Alpha__Female
so this is my first time doing one of these so uh ya, and request ans ideas are open cause trust me I will run out of ideas, and feel free to leave anyone you want to be...
Stupid Deep (Julie and the Phantoms) by TheQuietHufflepuff
Stupid Deep (Julie and the TheQuietHufflepuff
Emily Lucia Grace was born after the tragic death of most of Sunset Curve. She was a surprise, but a welcomed one. Her best friend is visited by three ghosts; one of whi...
Skyrim OneShots By MadAngus by MadAngus
Skyrim OneShots By MadAngusby MadAngus
Hey, it's me, MadAngus! This OneShot book contains near everything in Skyrim. If there's something you want to see here, don't hesitate to ask! I've got Ulfric, Farkas...
bass boy || reggie peters imagines by ohmyshada
bass boy || reggie peters imaginesby ⤿ell [💌]
⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⭒ ⤷ just a collection of imagines about my favourite ghost 🤍
𝐀𝐒 𝐋𝐎𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐒 𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐄 ➳ o. joyner ✔ by sunsetcrve
| 🏹🕊 | in which aisla auditions for season two of julie and the phantoms, not realizing that an anxious drummer might just change her life. 𝑺𝑻𝑨𝑹𝑻𝑬𝑫: February 2...
Breath of the Art by Nilly_
Breath of the Artby ❋M❋
Ranking: #1 Chicklit on November 1st, 2015 [COMPLETED] *You can read this story independently* Can he teach her to live and breath his art? "Take a look in that m...