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THE LOST NIGHT #Midnightsunmovie by TeenagedMuslimah
THE LOST NIGHT #Midnightsunmovieby TeenagedMuslimah
You won't regret reading it check it out!!!
One Night (#MidnightSunMovie) by Dreamer7Writer
One Night (#MidnightSunMovie)by Bailey Drake
One night was all it took. My entry for the #MidnightSunMovie Contest! Hope you enjoy this little 500 word adventure!
Midnight Sun Writing (8) by futureauthor37
Midnight Sun Writing (8)by Lizzie
Yes, it's another one!!! Too many submissions:)
Midnight Sun Entry by Pretty0ddminx
Midnight Sun Entryby Ms.Believer
Just a 500-word contest entry for a movie I'm interested in.
The Last Day by Kiaward0085
The Last Dayby Kia Ward
The circus comes along for one week in the year. Kenna Branca had always wanted to see the circus, but never had time. This year would be the year she would finally see...
Last MS Movie Contest Submission by futureauthor37
Last MS Movie Contest Submissionby Lizzie
This one's the last submission from @futureauthor37 (i promise!)
Unconquerable by niallchild_
Unconquerableby niallchild_
A story of young, unconquerable love. Entry for #MidnightSunMovie Contest :)
(Short bonus chapter)  Party by rattroh
(Short bonus chapter) Partyby Auburn
Short part of a new book I have yet to come out. Done for a contest (Midnight sun contest).
Manhunt by BridgesTunnels
Manhuntby BridgesTunnels
When a fifteen year old girl plays a game of Manhunt with friends, the stakes are higher than she knows on that hot summer night.
Just Two Girls In Love by raven_tayler13
Just Two Girls In Loveby Shadow
#midnightsunmovie Anya is the short one, and Amia is the tall one.
Midnight Sun contest by CreativeAylisa
Midnight Sun contestby Aylisa Morral
Submissions for story writing contest.
12 Hours. Period. | ✓ by forgottenwords928
12 Hours. Period. | ✓by Inka
nyctophilia (n.) the love of the darkness or night. When your period ends up unknowingly playing a part of your love story that fell apart a year ago, how can its nyctop...
Ellis Island by BridgesTunnels
Ellis Islandby BridgesTunnels
The true story of my best (and last) second date ever.
Midnight Sun by UnknownAuthor10
Midnight Sunby Taylor Dana
Cami Walker and Jonah Matthews have been best friends for as long as they both can remember, but what happens when you want to be more than friends? Do you jump off the...
When the Moon Shines Back by macinelson1617
When the Moon Shines Backby Maci Nelson
My entry for the Midnight Sun Contest. A night under the moon can change everything.
Nothing Lasts Forever | #MidnightSunMovie Contest by xBandler
Nothing Lasts Forever | #MidnightS...by Jessica Hodgkiss
Joseph just wasn't Nina's type, but for the time being she just couldn't bring herself to care. Written for and inspired by the #MidnightSunMovie Contest .
The Greenhouse Room #midnightsunmovie by fxckingchxrries
The Greenhouse Room #midnightsunmo...by Teague
norah bailey has stage 4 leukemia. she knows it's her last day on earth. so hayden green calls upon her.
Blind Love by Hunter_Plexis
Blind Loveby Hunter
Carrie Melano was born blind. She didn't know how others looked, so she judged others on their personalities, not their looks. Michael Ruth was born with an unusually sh...
His Arms by sakusaus
His Armsby J. Knier
Mayah is done with everything. She does not know where to go or what to do. She just wants to die. So she runs. But will the person she meets change her mind? This is f...
I Wish I Could by musiclover13980
I Wish I Couldby Musiclover3980
After the death of her best friend Autumn sinks further into the darkness, until she does what he did. Or at least she tried. Waking up in a hospital, saved from some st...