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Klaus' favourite sister  by SofiaMikleson
Klaus' favourite sister by Sofia Baldassarre
Sophia, Klaus' full blooded sister, his youngest sister being the most powerful. His secret weapon, his own tribrid.
The Youngest Mikealson by Writing_anonymous01
The Youngest Mikealsonby Anonymous Writer
Brianna Michelson is the Youngest of all the Michelson siblings. She has five older brothers and one older sister. She got a trait for each of them she got Henrik's kind...
My Light by stylesharry1117
My Lightby stylesharry1117
Book One They say Love never dies, but does it last through death? Does death truly mean the end? Damon Salvatore fell in love with his best friend in the 1800's and he...
The Story of Aurora Forbes ♡ by Elijahsgirl26
The Story of Aurora Forbes ♡by ♡Emily♡
Aurora Forbes was once in love with The Big Bad Wolf, who is also known as Klaus Mikealson, but on the night she planned to tell him she was pregant, she caught him chea...
His Love{Niklaus Mikealson Fanfiction} *Completed* by paulanicole621
His Love{Niklaus Mikealson Fanfict...by Paula Nicole
Amelia Gilbert is the older sister of Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. Her father, Grayson Gilbert, had her due to one drunken night. Amelia had a son at 15 years old named Jay...
 The Brown-Skin Mate (Mikealson' Family Mate) by prettypettypooh
The Brown-Skin Mate (Mikealson' F...by prettypettypooh
This story is about Tyler cousin coming to a town with spn but little do they know she is the thing that can bring peace between the spn.?!?!! But what happens when the...
Elijah's son by Blackthorn101
Elijah's sonby Blackthorn101
Elijah had a whole family but gave his oldest son to his younger brother, Klaus. What if Elijah comes back and wants to be in his oldest son's life. Secrets will be unc...
One day// Teen Wolf// The Originals by Brockster01
One day// Teen Wolf// The Originalsby Brockster01
Millie McCall was different. You could see it in her eyes. ------ Millie knew she was adopted. Her mother told her that her birth parents had no choice but to give her u...
The young by Kellorriaa
The youngby
Stiles Mikealson is the the youngest Mikealson he is 16 year old hybrid of a witch and vampire. What happens when he comes home back to New Orleans and finds him self in...
Stronger by Itzlys93
Strongerby Lyssa
What if Hope wasn't the only child? What if Hayley gave birth to twins? What if the family said 'Always and Forever" but it didn't apply to one twin? This is the s...
Disgrace // Niklaus Mikaelson by Stories_of_sonder
Disgrace // Niklaus Mikaelsonby Stories_of_sonder
When Hermione returns to her hometown Mystic Falls with the scars from the war, she notices things have changed. Her adoptive sister is distant and sometimes even hatefu...
The Originals Imagines by AnnabethDeVile
The Originals Imaginesby AnnabethDeVile
Imagines with the Mikaelson family plus, maybe a sneak peek at a few others. ;). Perhaps a romantic walk on the beach with Elijah, or paint balling with Kol, or catching...
Fire On Fire | The Vampire Diaries [1] by Messy_Illusions
Fire On Fire | The Vampire Diaries...by Messy Illusions
❝Fire on fire would normally kill us, but this much desire, together, we're winners they say that we're out of control and some say we're sinners, but don't let them rui...
SINFUL, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐯𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 by WH0RE4-MIKAELSONS
SINFUL, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐯𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐢...by 𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒂
Nicole Roberts was a rule breaker. Always had been always will be. She enjoyed the thrill that came with breaking the rules. But obviously with breaking the rules came d...
A Hybrid's Mother by ColdBastilleMusic
A Hybrid's Motherby Tay
I had to let him go. I had to give him up to Esther and Mikael for there were worse monsters that I was facing. They had no idea what I was or who. Erika Clark is my nam...
Blood Moon ~ Klaus Mikaelson  by chimchimaesthetic
Blood Moon ~ Klaus Mikaelson by 조지나 🧡
Klaus falls in deep with a girl trained to kill him . Started : 2014 Finished : - ©️hakyeonaesthetic
Original Love [Gif Series] by QueenShawwty
Original Love [Gif Series]by QueenShawwty
Gif series for all of my fellow Original lovers ❤️ comment reactions and ideas! I like to her what everyone thinks.
The Mikaelson ( a TVD fanfic ) by InsomniacFOX
The Mikaelson ( a TVD fanfic )by Insomniacfox
Aria Mikaelson is Elijah Mikaelson's daughter. Elijah was strolling by an orphanage, not thinking much of the children until a small girl caught his eye. This is their...
Sweet Perfection ~ Hope Mikealson by EgpREADS
Sweet Perfection ~ Hope Mikealsonby ~Grace~
In which Hope Mikealson finds herself falling for the sister of Landon Kirby.
Klaus and Rebekah - Your Brother or Your Lover? by angelharness22
Klaus and Rebekah - Your Brother o...by A.M
This is sort of an incest story but not really cause their not related by blood, if you don't like it exit now, I have warned you. Klaus and Rebekah are the original va...