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Dishonest  || Jailey || The Music Freaks || A TMF Fanfiction by sonsryan
Dishonest || Jailey || The Ryan Est Ici
Jake refuses to accept his feelings for Hailey. He needs to get real with himself and her before someone ends up hurt.
just a little kiss (a blitzo x moxxie) by Aquas_life_of_ships
just a little kiss (a blitzo x Your_local_cat_lady
blitzo was in his office just doing g paper work when moxxie ran in, in tears sobbing. blitzo got up and ran over to him hudding him. "what's wrong mox?" &quo...
Helluva Boss oneshots (Discontinued) by UNFORTUNATELY-WEIRD
Helluva Boss oneshots ( Weirdo
Cover art not mine, I do not own Helluva boss or the characters!
💙You put me in a Love Despair🖤 (Music Freaks Fanfic) by Clarizzidashpie
💙You put me in a Love Despair🖤 ( 💜Dashpie🧡
So ummm... I noticed that a lot of people are loving this oneshot I made that someone requested ^^ So I decided to make it to a full on fanfic for you guys! Synopsis: Af...
Everyone's Past Holds The Most Secrets... || Jake x Drew by Skylar_Writes_FanFic
Everyone's Past Holds The Most Skylar_Writes_Fanfiction
This is a mini series. Its inspired by Tocobell321234's one shot. When the music freaks get into a fight with Jake, they say some hurtful things, and kick Jake out of t...
|| The Music Freaks - OneShots // 🎼🎵🎶 by Lemon_Cytruz
|| The Music Freaks - ✨🍋Lemon🍋✨
⟟ DO NOT WON THE MUSIC FREAKS OR ANY OR THE CHARACTERS PULLED DIRECTLY FROM THE SHOW what the title says - cover by me Linry for the soul Requests:✅ Open Closed❌ 🔞Smut:...
*Book 2* The Mandala of The Sky  *Completed* by Chrissyy_Bumm
*Book 2* The Mandala of The Sky * Chrissyy_Bumm
*Completed* Book 2 of the werewolf series After months of training and preparation, the war between the rogues and the pack wolves is finally here. One thing they didn't...
Round 10 by CelestialX1
Round 10by Celeste Xone
No secrets shall be left untold. (On hiatus as of right now) Lander fanfic (Zander x Luke)
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Tame (Sample) by EmilyTheReader
Tame (Sample)by Emily
Farrah Chambers: She's the good girl, a bit embarrassing, friendly, an animal lover, and clumsy. She's a bit sarcastic when she needs to be, but no one really bothers he...
💕Lander Month BOOK: 2!💕 A Music Freaks Fanfic by Clarizzidashpie
💕Lander Month BOOK: 2!💕 A 💜Dashpie🧡
(Finally.. COMPLETED-) Sup 😎 Welcome back to the most cringest stories of all time! Lander Month Book 2. (includes references like last time 0w^) (Ahem..Read This on...
TMF Shitpost/Edits/Dump Book by silxvrr
TMF Shitpost/Edits/Dump Bookby •silxver•
hi guys so I made a book this is just a dump book with some edits in it. there will also be some rants- ljsm supremacy hahahahah yes that's my jakey plush in the cover p...
🏕 Camping With The Music Freaks Fanfiction 🏕 by Amnyttendi
🏕 Camping With The Music Freaks Amnyttendi
The Music Club, along with Drew, Henry, Liam, Zoey, Lia, Daisy, Sadie, and Stacy have been invited to a camping trip in an area named Specky Woods with their camp counse...
|| Under Control || ✔️ by CoffeeIcarus
|| Under Control || ✔️by ☕︎ ☾︎ 𝓜 𝓐 𝓡 𝓨 ☽︎ ☕︎
Jake is having a normal happy day heading to the music room for music club, he had a weird dream the night before, but decided to ignore it. When the club is practicing...
Blocked Away | A TMF Fan-Fiction by izabellbee
Blocked Away | A TMF Fan-Fictionby ꜜ 𝔅𝔢𝔢 ⊹₊ ⋆
After his best friend, Luke, wrote a love song, Zander's feelings have become complicated. Zander had never thought of Luke as anything more than a friend, but is it po...
My TMF Drawings and Doodles by izabellbee
My TMF Drawings and Doodlesby ꜜ 𝔅𝔢𝔢 ⊹₊ ⋆
This will just be a small book of all of the TMF drawings and doodles I've done (as the title says; it's pretty self explanatory XD) Will also contain some information o...
💕Lander Month!💕 A Music Freaks Fanfic by Clarizzidashpie
💕Lander Month!💕 A Music Freaks 💜Dashpie🧡
{Completed ^^} (Im gonna change the title to this because next month is Lander Month! Read this by months that have 31 days..) In October, Luke and Zander spends all day...
I.M.P. (Helluva boss x male!reader) by Fox_Glove980
I.M.P. (Helluva boss x male!reader)by Berry
This is more of a family thing then a shipping thing so please don't get mad at me.
The Pain Of The Past || A TMF FanFic by Sciencegal2235
The Pain Of The Past || A TMF Science
The past, something that can illuminate over you like a shadow in the dawn of daylight. That's something Alexzander Wickham knew all too well for most of his life. When...
The Janitor's Closet - A Lander Fanfic  by ruectrl
The Janitor's Closet - A Lander el
Jake and Zander have been dating since freshman year. Zander hears a noise from the janitors closet while walking to music practice. Whatever awaits him can change every...
Which TMF Character are you? by Fluttershyzxy
Which TMF Character are you?by ✨Lander simp✨
A bunch of scenarios and random stuff and how TMF characters react.