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Love That Is Unconditional ✔️ by JungkooksArmyBag
Love That Is Unconditional ✔️by JungkooksArmyBag
"Bubba?" The small girl looked up at her older. "Yes darling?" He said brushing the hair in her eyes back with his hand. "You'll be with me fore...
The origins: Whiteout  by SummerEXE
The origins: Whiteout by Summer R Wolfe
One night aboard the octopod, the crew were huddled around inkling's armchair "a fine story professor" barnacles praised, everyone nodded in agreement "co...
Impossible Mates  by beth_venning
Impossible Mates by Beth Venning
Savannah Wilson, your typical normal girl, well as normal as a werewolf can be. She soon finds out her typically normal life, is about to get turned upside down. Her ol...
True Crime Cases  by RamsayxSalvchester
True Crime Cases by RamsayxSalvchester
I know this is different then any of the things that I write about, but I wanted to write about true murder stories that actually happened. I don't have a schedule poste...
DreamNotFound/DNF Meet Up by RandomRubyDoo
DreamNotFound/DNF Meet Upby RUBY
Fanfic. DNF Meet up. This is an AU where Dream and Drista are hybrids, Drista is half-human, half-demon (like her mom) and Dream is half-human, half-wolf (like his dad)...
Espionage by ellabella201
Espionageby ellabella201
It's Ela's Junior year at Gallagher Academy and she is still reeling from being attacked by The Circle earlier in the summer. It feels as though her entire world is crum...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐋𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 by koalaqueen1704
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐒𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭 𝐋𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫by marie biscuit
The Flynn kids were never the same after the loss of their parents on the Mackinac bridge, due to a tragic car accident.But after they find a hidden letter from their pa...
Gone Home✔️ by Obsidian_Thirteen
Gone Home✔️by Obsidian_Thirteen
A novelization of Gone Home. 1:15 AM. July 7th, 1995. Kaitlin Greenbriar has just arrived at her family's new home. Back after a year of studying abroad, she finds t...
Lila's Revenge by Ameslan
Lila's Revengeby Lin
What if Lila was worse than just a ruiness of lives. What if she was a murderer? Cover was made by @FrostyBug14
The Game of Blood And Roses by breeswrld
The Game of Blood And Rosesby bree
Mia's twin kyia dies in an accident and Mia is left with no twin, no father, an abusive mom, and depression. Mia was blamed for evrything that happened to her family and...
Demetria: Clash of the Titans by QuillSparkle
Demetria: Clash of the Titansby QuillSparkle
* Based on the 2010 film, Clash of the Titans * Perseus was raised by fishermen, but after his family is killed by Hades, he wants to destroy his evil uncle more than ev...
Liberty & Justice: For All |on hold| by kTBrooke1
Liberty & Justice: For All |on hol...by kTBrooke1
"What legend?" Violet gives Steve a painful smile. "The Prophecy of Two." "The Prophecy of Two?" The older man says confuse...
Caged Crown by veiled_muslimah17
Caged Crownby مريم هادية🌸
Rankings: #1 mock out of 124 stories #125 islamic out of 1.63k stories #192 sorrow out of 9.95k stories #44 disappointment 1.83k stories #93 mylife out of 18.3k stories ...
What A Witch by Kiwi-fruiit
What A Witchby 𝕂𝕚𝕨𝕚-𝕗𝕣𝕦𝕚𝕚𝕥
His father? Missing. His mother? Dead. Winter North-Stone is a difficult man with a difficult past. Stubborn, reckless, intimidating, and antisocial. Winter has been loo...
🄱🄾🄾🄼 🄱🄾🄼🄱 🄱🄰🄽🄶【!】【Genshin     Impact】 by Omasko422
🄱🄾🄾🄼 🄱🄾🄼🄱 🄱🄰🄽🄶【!】【Gens...by Omasko Yewdale
▂ "ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ!" "ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇʏ ᴀʀᴇ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ. ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ꜱᴏ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴍᴇᴀɴꜱ ɪ ᴀᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ. ꜱᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ʀɪɢʜᴛ?" "..." "ᴡʜ...
Spicy Love~ (Subway Sandwich x Reader) by ARandomCockroach
Spicy Love~ (Subway Sandwich x Rea...by azure
!Short story! On a boring day you decide to order Subway, yet what happens next shocks you...
The Novaks by Abigrace416
The Novaksby Abigrace416
Ashland Novak and her brothers face many challenges together, from bullies to bad hair days, they struggle to figure out life and how to trust people outside of their ci...
Princess Aravo by Revolution1407
Princess Aravoby Barbara Cras
Irbis, a girl with mysterious past, was brought up by a political refugee. After being robbed and left all alone in this world, she goes to Tinalden to look for some hel...