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Bones And All by pearlszns
Bones And Allby 𝖆
Blessed are the peacemakers. Original Thriller, ©Pearlszns / 2023.
If Only ❆ JJ and Kiara by hbot07
If Only ❆ JJ and Kiaraby scarlet™️
⚠️same book as before, i just removed special fonts from the title for readability :)⚠️ What if John B didn't leave the island with Sarah and was never a suspect for mur...
Heart of Glass (Fyolai love story) by K1TK4TH3
Heart of Glass (Fyolai love story)by K1TK4TH3
~ Fyodor was sitting by his desk, in his study as usual. Oh dear him, trying to get work done as a little jester annoys him, one day during a mission, that little jester...
Fontaine Academy  by OliviaQRiley
Fontaine Academy by OliviaQRiley
Surrounded by majestic forests on all sides, Fontaine Academy is home to the world's wealthiest and brightest students. But despite its beautiful surroundings there is...
Duskwood: Murder Mystery? by Kali_Wolfe
Duskwood: Murder Mystery?by Wolfe
Duskwood is a small, quaint village surrounded by a dense forest. However, in the last 72 hours, many things have changed and even among the villagers concerns are growi...
The Disappearance of Thomas Innes by Midnight-Monochrome
The Disappearance of Thomas Innesby Midnight-Monochrome
Technoblade Withers is a detective in a kind of small town of Logstedshire, a dead logging town. Nothing really happens around here till a young middle schooler comes to...
The Bartender's Guide To The Galaxy by neverfakeit
The Bartender's Guide To The Galaxyby Morgan Rider
With a new master's degree in hand, a sassy bartender navigates the perils of her family's bar business as she tries to escape her dysfunctional life. ...
The Sound Of Silence (Senku x Oc) by stuckdaydream90
The Sound Of Silence (Senku x Oc)by Rose
Months before Senku's father is sent to space, he treats Senku and his friends to a show staring young Italian prodigy, Andromeda Galilei. Reluctant at first, Senku is m...
Caged by WesleysCoffee
Cagedby Hailee
People aren't meant to be put in cages. It does thing to them.
Pet by dragmeto_thegrave
Petby Cupcake
Ty had an ordinary life. He worked a simple retail job and didn't have much going on in his life. Until someone took an interest in him.
Gone by Caroline_Wissa
Goneby ꉓꍏꋪꂦ꒒ꀤꈤꍟ ꅏꀤꌗꌗꍏ
He killed his wife, took his daughter and disappeared. Everyone used to be envious of how happy this family was. However, one day it was all gone. Adam always did every...
Gone: A Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Mystery by LAamber14
Gone: A Nancy Drew and The Hardy B...by L.A. Amber
What if the famous girl detective is dead?The Hardy Boys get a frightening call from Illinois. Nancy Drew is dead. But George and Bess suspect foul play. Frank, Joe, Ge...
targeted. by Dugnin
targeted.by Nathan Goldschot
(Note: Fiction) Hello Internet. Exactly two years ago, my cousin Samantha disappeared without a trace, likely abducted from her home in the middle of the night. The inve...
My Sweet Gaius by -DataBase-
My Sweet Gaiusby -Database-
Marcus Antonius and Gaius Octavius never really knew one another prior to Julius Caesar's assassination. But once word gets out Julius chose Gaius as his heir, Antonius...
Universal Inconstants: The 10 Years DLC by LeBlueDragon
Universal Inconstants: The 10 Year...by LeBlueDragon
After 10 years, the friend group is still going strong. However... There are a few mysteries left to discover, including Thomas's disappearance. Maybe a new friend can h...
Kidnaped......... Rydel Lynch Story  by sweeteststorieshere
Kidnaped......... Rydel Lynch Stor...by Sweeteststorieshere
Rydel Mary Lynch. The daughter of Stormie and Mark Lynch. The sister of Riker, Ross, Rocky, and Ryland Lynch. The girlfriend of Ellington Ratliff..... Kidnapped Janu...
November Falls by Richelieurose
November Fallsby Rose Richelieu
Adam Mitchell disappeared one rainy night in May, 1996. Twenty five years later, November Falls Police Detective Evelyn Hardy stumbles upon an article about his cold cas...
Cold Cases of Indiana: A Study of Unsolved Cases in the Heartland by slamcgill
Cold Cases of Indiana: A Study of...by Sabrina
Cold cases from Indiana discussed, mapped, and brought back into public eye. In this book, every chapter is a new case with new victims. From Burger Chef to Lauren Spier...
My Dark Reflection  by renegade_readerA5
My Dark Reflection by Renegade_reader
Horrible things seem to happen to those who lie. As secrets are spilled, and promises are broken. Alya Palks, who on the outside was always over looked, tries to fix her...