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Azur Lane: the beast (male battleship x azur lane) by Codmplayer2514
Azur Lane: the beast (male battles...by Codm
USS Missouri is the third of the iowa class battleships missiouri was fighting againts an alien mothership, after the battle missouri was sailing back to port for repair...
Azur Lane: Sword and Shield (Iowa-class x Male Battleship Reader) by Emerarudo_Spurashu
Azur Lane: Sword and Shield (Iowa...by Heh
"N-No... please... Don't do this... Don't leave us..." Iowa begged. (Y/n) gave a sad smile and kissed her. "I'm sorry, Iowa. I don't have a choice." ...
I become the USS Missouri and a Pirate In The Caribbean. by dieHero
I become the USS Missouri and a Pi...by USS Missouri BB-63
How I become Captain and the Personification of the USS Missouri and become a Pirate. But I'm not alone as I am with my cat and the Human personification of the Missouri...
Missouri's Journey through the Multiverse (revamp) by kuwebby2
Missouri's Journey through the Mul...by kuwebby2/Councilman4
Me, Doc, and dieHero (now USS_Missouri_BB-63) have decided to revamp this old story to see if we can do it better than before, I honestly have no idea if it'll end up th...
The last Battleship (Azur Lane x Male Ship) by dieHero
The last Battleship (Azur Lane x M...by USS Missouri BB-63
All but one Battleship were destroyed in WW2. Read to find out about the life of the last Battleship. The USS Missouri.
Ms.Martin by Haileyc35
Ms.Martinby Ash Shields
When Tatum is on her way to work one day during summer vacation, her attention is captured by a gorgeous woman with striking blue eyes. Tatums world changes when this wo...
Missouri's journey through the Multi-verse by kuwebby2
Missouri's journey through the Mul...by kuwebby2/Councilman4
(This was written just for fun with my follower @DrDestiny) The USS Missouri is recommissioned by the navy to provide shore bombardment in the Baltic Sea. But a year af...
Link Up by KimberlyWesley
Link Upby KimberlyWesley
Rayvn, a freshman in college, has the bar set high when it comes to dating. Those around her are only interested in linking up, that is, just hooking up. Finding the rig...
Azur Lane:Freedom's Spirit by shadowgamer254
Azur Lane:Freedom's Spiritby Shadowgamer
brought into form by the material known as the Wisdom Cube,humanity created the Shipgirls in order to fight off the threat known as the Sirens,through battle and war,hum...
The Girl that Writes by cardinals423
The Girl that Writesby Kay L. Ann
Anna Carter worked harder than she knew she could to get her journalism degree. Now that she has it, she can't seem to find a job. After countless job rejections, she ta...
Reality or Fantasy: Stories Of The High Seas by night-hunters
Reality or Fantasy: Stories Of The...by Night Hunters
Two famous battleship from 1945 and 1946 respectively were transferred to the world of Azur Lane where the year is 2025. With the crews of both nation's stuck in this un...
Jung und Verliebt (Young and in Love) by LarkinaMeadow
Jung und Verliebt (Young and in Lo...by LarkinaMeadow
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart X Reader
queen of the kingdom by sadlilpanbitch
queen of the kingdomby chica stan
patrick mahomes is the king of the kingdom. he thought he had his queen, but it wasn't meant to be. will he find her? emma dawson is just a regular girl. she works in ar...
Montana's Journey of a Lifetime by kuwebby2
Montana's Journey of a Lifetimeby kuwebby2/Councilman4
This is a big three-way crossover between United at Midway Team Freelancer vs Winter Dragon Shisno Paradox DrDestiny's Journey through the Multi-verse ... From @Captainr...
USS Midway's new life by USS_Midway_CV41
USS Midway's new lifeby USS Midway (CV41)
so basically, midway gets teleported to Azur Lane after getting attacked, 5 ships are joining her on her adventure: Bismarck, Eugen, Yorktown (Essex class), Iowa, and Mi...
For your smile, I shall protect you by AzureHime
For your smile, I shall protect youby Azure
I find myself in an unknown world with the world in the flames of war, all I had is just one wish that I would fulfill no matter what I'll do my best for it no matter th...
Random-ass retarded stories i randomly come up with at 3am by LudiGamer11
Random-ass retarded stories i rand...by Girl With Sunglasses
Random asf short stories i came up with at 3 in the fucking morning, this is stupid af and nothing i write is serious(Like my stories were serious💀) T/W: possibly causi...
Azur Lane: Ripples through Seas and Times by night-hunters
Azur Lane: Ripples through Seas an...by Night Hunters
The two naval legends of the Pacific, one representing the Land of the Rising Sun, and another representing the Land of Freedom and Justice, found themselves transported...
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumans (Discontinued) by ThatOneNBAGperson
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumans...by Aster
Literally what the title says. If you are homophobic, first of all, fuck you, next, leave my fucking book because it has some positive LGBTQ+ characters. Will try to upd...
Freelancer vs Winter Dragon's Journey of Lifetime and Project Kansen Freelancer by Captainrex2177
Freelancer vs Winter Dragon's Jour...by Commando Rex
This is a big three-crossover universe and multiverse between Missouri's Journey through the Multi-verse Destiny's Journey through Multi-verse The Adventure of a Lifetim...