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From Idols To Lovers(Mitzu Feat Dahmo) by EveMT05
From Idols To Lovers(Mitzu Feat (Author) Eve
Another story on Mitzu! There will be a bit of Dahmo in the story I don't know what spoilers to give here so hope you will enjoy reading this book Something to take note...
Baby Trouble by ThinkAboutMiTzu
Baby Troubleby ThinkAboutMiTzu
*Mainly Mitzu, but Dahmo and Sahyo in too* Tzuyu, Sana, Dahyun all got turn into babies. How will the member's cope?? Highest ranking is #1 Mitzu #18 Sahyo
Worth The Wait by twicex2
Worth The Waitby Once Jelly
*Tzuyu felt like the world suddenly stopped and her heart beat abnormally faster than normal when Mina's dreamy eyes landed on her,* *Mina slightly blushed and as she wa...
Wonderland(MiTzu) by UchihaSasuke96
Wonderland(MiTzu)by Utsusuki Hagoromo
It's the story of a ballerina name Myoui Mina who happened to Encounter Chou Tzuyu an actress what would happened if the two fallen in love with each other
Royalty by Crimsonemitzu
Royaltyby Mitzu
What will you do if the heiress of the royal family of taiwan transferred in your school and decided to claim you and announced to everyone the she will protect you? Sh...
The Story Begins by MiTzui1424
The Story Beginsby MiTzui1424
"University life is one of the most exciting and memorable part of my life. I experience many things, heartbreaks, pain, joy and most importantly, i experience how...
Lost: Vampire City.  [COMPLETED] by mitzu2537
Lost: Vampire City. [COMPLETED]by Yu & Mi
Two siblings left their house and ended up in a place where they find it very different from all the cities they had been to. But little they don't know, it was the city...
 Divorce || Satzu by stfu_cunt
Divorce || Satzuby Sammy
its a satzu fanfic that's all you need to know. (btw english is not really my first language so if there's any mistakes, i'm really sorry hehe and sometimes i can be in...
Kingdom Of The Queen: Love Royalty by Mang_jONCE
Kingdom Of The Queen: Love Royaltyby Mang jONCE
Things became different for Mina ever since she entered her new high school, which was practically to die for. During her stressful journey as a student committed to he...
Anything For You (Satzu/Mitzu) by minasanatzu
Anything For You (Satzu/Mitzu)by bPxTw
Gxg Satzu/Mitzu How much can you love someone?
Secrets, Love & Magic - SaTzu X Hogwarts by HaBINI48
Secrets, Love & Magic - SaTzu X HaBINI48
In a magical place such as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; you would expect a lot of weird happenings occurring at every square inch of the well known infras...
Dangerously In Love - SATZU [BOOK 1] by sweetlittleCub
Dangerously In Love - SATZU [ SWEET LITTLE CUB
All of us wanted to find a true love, People say you will instantly know when you find the right person. He or she will bring the best version of you. If you find the r...
Baby Tzuyu with Lil' Mina //completed\\ by IAmTzuShoOk
Baby Tzuyu with Lil' Mina // You'll never know who I am
Tzuyu was turned to a baby by the author. In this story Mina is also a baby but of course, is older and smarter than baby Tzuyu.
Bestfriends(JENLISA) by JL_writes
Bestfriends(JENLISA)by JL M
What will happen if your bestfriend you like dated someone else?
Our Love Story «complete» by Lim_Orson
Our Love Story «complete»by Lim
Second fic MiTzu
😘Mina ရဲ႕ Tzuyu😘 by monacontro098
😘Mina ရဲ႕ Tzuyu😘by monacontro098
Zawgyi Ver သူငယ္ခ်င္းအခ်စ္က​ေနျဖစ္ေပၚလာတဲ့ ခ်စ္ျခင္းတခု ပထမဆံုးေရးတဲ့Ficေလးမို႔လို႔အေရးအသား ညံ့ေနမယ္ဆိုရင္ ႀကိဳတင္ေတာင္းပန္ပါတယ္ေနာ္😅 Unni Ver သူငယ်ချင်းအချစ်က​နေဖြစ်ပေ...
Lead with Her Heart [Sahyo AU] by mxkissana
Lead with Her Heart [Sahyo AU]by m.kissana <3
Jihyo, the CEO of a big and flourishing company, hires Sana, a new low-level employee. After encountering each other outside of work, Sana witnesses Jihyo in an unfortun...
Chasing Her by geniejunhao
Chasing Herby geniejunhao
Tzuyu is missing. Members of Twice are looking for her. ______________________________________________________ Riddles used are not mine, credits to the owners.
ENCHANTED - SATZU by sweetlittleCub
Finding your soulmate is like winning the lottery it's a one in a million chance. But once you get ahold of it, you never want to let it go. You make it a point to have...
Twice - Our daughter by TwiceinOnce
Twice - Our daughterby Momo’s wifey
Where Y/N is Twice's daughter. • Short-scenes(or stories) of her with Twice • Started: 2020/06/12(HKG) - I'll try to suit every ship you guys want. A lot of you wanted...