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All What Haiku'd Write by SkittishReflections
All What Haiku'd Writeby SkittishReflections
[Completed] An eclectic collection of my own haiku poetry. Poems are mine. Cover artwork is mine. © 2020-2021 SkittishReflections - L. M. Shayle
My Favourite Songs - Part 1. by 2350KOL
My Favourite Songs - Part 1.by chloweeee
"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Friedrich Nietzsche
St Clare Vs Malory Towers! by Crystallix120
St Clare Vs Malory Towers!by Crystallix120
This book is about a twisted storyline... Pat and Isabel, the St Clare Twins, are off to Malory Towers! Read new tricks and new fun as Pat and Isabel compare Malory Towe...
Poetry by SuicidallRomance
Poetryby ❤Kayla❤
My 2nd book of poems. Something happened to the last, and.. I'm just gonna make a new one. Check it out!
Sherlock | Crappy Fanfics by sherloco_in_the_coco
Sherlock | Crappy Fanficsby Natalie
A collection of crappy, very short fanfics based on prompts. Some are sad, some are funny, some are completely ridiculous. A complete variation of ships, although Johnlo...
Pictures i just happen to have by levertaro
Pictures i just happen to haveby bunger
i want to know why i have 20% just full on yaoi in my gallery g i v e M e A R e a s o n.
inexplicable nature by Saniyaarora2002
inexplicable natureby Saniya Arora
The story revolves around the young teenage girl, and her experiences.
Creative Writing Practise by prettylittlelester
Creative Writing Practiseby 「Eryn」
This is just my little stories that come ino my head now and again to practise my creative writing skills. Most will be oneshots but some may be several chapters. Some w...
Your World Is Over by vanniee__pcy
Your World Is Overby Vannie
A teenage girl living her life after a huge tragic break up a month ago. Although, something strange happens to her. Violet's fate seems to have change her simple teenag...
smoke by Joatstarbucks
smokeby Joatstarbucks
A collection of mini stories which never get finished. enjoy.
Shary by nymarsbars
Sharyby nymarsbars
This is a collection of short stories that I wrote, be careful, for as you read you may experience extreme shivering and paranoia. A few of these stories are based on tr...
The Girl Who Paints by heiress-
The Girl Who Paintsby Akela ♔
Just some poetry. If you go through it all you can see the transformation in my life from a really depressed girl hiding behind a mask to a girl who uses words to explo...
Fading Love..... by myselfashwini
Fading Love.....by Ashwini Shukla
It is a story of a girl who's love for a boy started fading away......
Left No Doubt by aBakedPotatoe
Left No Doubtby aBakedPotatoe
Toby McMiller is easily Edmonton High's most underrated player. But when he earns the starting job at quarterback, the team MUST rely on his resilience, intelligence, an...
Is This Really Happening? (A Niall Story) by CarmynBennett
Is This Really Happening? (A Niall...by Carmyn Bennett
This story is about two twenty year olds who have know each other basically there whole life. This story contains Niall and yourself! They are dating and then they get i...
Random Talks by LeAnneRivers
Random Talksby LeAnne Rivers
This is a book of random things to talk about to anyone