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Heavenly Refuge by _SkySailor
Heavenly Refugeby _SkySailor
She's told she would die. A disease that takes away every breath. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Luna Moon, a girl who's fate is to die by cancer's hands, i...
Burned at the Cross by _SkySailor
Burned at the Crossby _SkySailor
Alyssa Bell, a witch, had a contract to full fill and she intends on doing it. She has to protect the Shifters, a job that her mother had run away from. Ever since she h...
Do You Really Believe In Me? by _SkySailor
Do You Really Believe In Me?by _SkySailor
Aurora isn't your average mermaid. She isn't even that... she's more. Last of a dying race, the Ocean Serpents, her purpose in life is to help make things easier on peop...