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Under Her Wing by lovatic_f
Under Her Wingby faye 💕
A 13 year old actress is added to the set of station 19. She's great at playing her role but what happens when Danielle starts to see through her act.
The Drug Dealer by bobsburgers247
The Drug Dealerby that one bitch
Mai get's pregnant at 16, by her abusive boyfriend (Taeyong). After they break up and finds out she's pregnant. But he denies the baby, even after he knows he was the on...
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A Girl and A Teen Singing Sensation (Chip Skylark x reader) by Knuffie2019
A Girl and A Teen Singing Knuffie2019
Well, seeing how good my 'Fairly Odd Parents' books were doing and after much recommendation, I decided to make a book featuring (Y/N) Turner and Chip Skylark. This book...
Burazāzu by Oblenafa
Burazāzuby Lilac
Changing their history, but never their strength and resolve! Uzumaki Mihoko, not always one to think things through, but always follows her heart, adopts the newborn Na...
let's make mama proud(reader mother x rowdyruff boys) by 23schristensen3
let's make mama proud(reader Victoria Von pink
I saw a book and I like it but they did not finish it. I wanted to make one so here you go. . . . . can you take care of them and love them no matter what... will you s...
Mother of the Villian by boni932
Mother of the Villianby boni932
She became the mother of the villian from her favorite novel, "I Hate That I Love You" after she died of deppression due to the tragic loss of her mother and y...
The Navelicious Candies by TheNavelHunterrr
The Navelicious Candiesby Hunterrr
Hey Guys, Welcome to the Most Amazing Navel Story "The Navelicious Candies". This Story is about a Single Man who Enjoyed Many Hotties. So, If you want to Join...
Mateo by P0pppy
Mateoby Poppy🖤
I pushed the bushes aside, and there sat a skinny young boy, maybe a toddler, with matted curly dark brown hair, hollow cheeks, and rags for clothes. I froze in shock un...
Finding You by anonimous31q
Finding Youby Barefoot Johansson
This is a y/n story where scarlett johanson has been looking for her little one since the day she was born but little did y/n know, it was them. Also this is a female r...
The QB Bad Boy: Playing for Keeps by tayxwriter
The QB Bad Boy: Playing for Keepsby Tay
As Dallas and Drayton navigate life in the spotlight, Spencer is navigating intense feelings for Nathan - her best friend's brother. ...
Friends mom x male reader by abanks258
Friends mom x male readerby abanks
It's another milf story but this time it's your friends mom. She's a white sexy mom with a big bust and a nice big and jiggly ass. She's the woman that many want.
Super Mom by lostduckling
Super Momby take me to neverland
In which the loving single mother of Izuku Midoriya catches the eyes of many pro heroes and teachers. [BNHA PRO HEROES X READER!] (cover art not mine)
Oh Anna (COMPLETE) by juuleiana
Oh Anna (COMPLETE)by juuleiana
Harry Styles was getting older by the day with no true love in sight. All he wanted was someone to pass his legacy to and love for the rest of his life. But he knew the...
My Step Mother by alizabeth67
My Step Motherby alizabeth67
All The Characters Of My Story Are Imaginery... Kindly Dont Compare Them With Real Ones... This Story Contains Mature Content... Only For 19+ Please Dont Read If U Are N...
Rose by SophieSwan3925
Roseby Lizbeth Sophie Jakes
A young 16-year-old girl who struggles to not only take care of herself in this cruel world but also to look after an 11 years old girl and a 2years old boy by herself ...
Rachels wetting the bed to being treated like a baby by Aleeza742
Rachels wetting the bed to being Aleeza742
Rachel a 14 year old lives with her mother they are quite rich one day Rachel wets the bed while sleeping little did she know this will change her life
Blue and Red Wings (Hawks x Reader) (DISCONTINUED) by RomesPalace69
Blue and Red Wings (Hawks x Rome<3
(Y/N) and her daughter run away from the one who is endangering them, but the long runs are exhausting. At least this hero is kind enough to let her stay at his place, m...
The Otherworldly Ninja | Naruto Fan-Fic by AnimeloverBELEIVEIT
The Otherworldly Ninja | Naruto Hey Boo ;)
14-year-old Charlotte Martinez goes on a mission assigned to her by SHIELD, she's expected to be back in three weeks, but things don't go according to plan. She gets stu...
kiara sexy deep navel mom by NavalQueenNafisa
kiara sexy deep navel momby NavalQueenNafisa
a series about son enjoying mom's deep navel
Have We Met Before?  by carenctartie
Have We Met Before? by Caren Ctartie
A tragic accident, a broken heart and a painful memory is all it took for Arianna Hayes to be in a situation she is. A rude , manwhore , businessman ,workaholic Hunter...