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The Alpha King's Tribrid Mate by emma__213
The Alpha King's Tribrid Mateby Emma
An Abnormality. That is what Nicolette is. A monster that has to be kept hidden from the world. A witch. A vampire. A werewolf. All in one person. Such power in such a...
Spilled Milk Dean (AMBW) by bobsburgers247
Spilled Milk Dean (AMBW)by baby smoove wife
This story is about Y/N she get's pregnant by the one and only Dean. But she doesn't wanna tell him. Read to find out more. Please check out my other stories The Sugar...
It's Too Complicated by Anabella_Ella
It's Too Complicatedby Anabella
Zoe Cunningham, a girl who is practically invisible, but definitely not shy. Justin Cortell, the school's bad boy, baseball star, but not a Jerk. They had never talked u...
~Kills and cuffs~ by whoizkitty
~Kills and cuffs~by 𝚇𝚘𝚡𝚘.𝚔𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚢
"I've always tried to please me family but let's say we're not a normal family" ~ 15 year old Jasmine Parker works for the most successful mafia in the world w...
Phoenix by _teenwolf_skittles_
Phoenixby #unknown#
As I approached him, he inhaled and exhaled smoke rings . We stood there in comfortable silence until he broke it. "Why out of everyone in this fucking school, you...
The Bad Boy Next Door by nellis813
The Bad Boy Next Doorby Natalie Ellis
Lavina 'Lovie' Boswell- Book loving, tea drinking senior ready to finish her senior year and get the hell out of dodge. Her mothers alcoholism has taken a toll on her an...
My Personal Songbook (PT 1) by Nousefulthoughts
My Personal Songbook (PT 1)by Days Go By
songs and poems about me and the world. However you'd like to interpret them. A message for those painfully not aware even with everything going on: BLACK LIVES MATTER...
The Diary of She by kiya_1212
The Diary of Sheby AKIYA HUNTER
young girls tells their day to day story in diary form.....
STOLEN HEART by hipeople456
A story about a teenage runaway who secretly lives with a teen boy band. She's never heard of them but they kinda heard of her.
Who Are You?  by jakeE2012
Who Are You? by Ronni Jake Evans
Just a rant in disguise.
Misunderstood by ActingGEEK
Misunderstoodby Kay C
My childhood wasn't a happy time. My parents split when I was 4. My mom was always yelling and screaming at everyone except my younger brother. I guess he was the favori...
The Huntress by FmEver
The Huntressby Foteini Manoli
Laurel should have never been born, and yet she exists. A tragic event led her to a path of darkness, revenge, blood, and death. Allies turned into foes, and hell soon c...
Inevitable  by Cherryandbabyblue
Inevitable by baby blue
Sara, a girl with a strict family who has no choice but to listen, meets Adam who's coming to town for a brief stay. Sneaking in and out to meet the boy of her dreams...
Rant Book by XiaoCompton
Rant Bookby Ella_C
A book full of my rants from everything I can't scream in my head. Could be sentimental or not.
The revelation of pain and perspective  by kaecarr2000
The revelation of pain and kaecarr2000
*based on a true story* Growing up in a house full of mouthy sisters ,a bitter mother and no father figure , the teen suffers from rejection and she has a hard time trus...
I can't fail my death by lizzthatcat
I can't fail my deathby lizzthatcat
here is a description of my story I even wrapped it.
The Reef Below by oliviaishere321
The Reef Belowby
Your lost and alone in the middle of the sea but can someone save you and Mandy also fall in love with you.
idk by Camren4life
idkby Maddie
what should my first story be about?
Always Alone by Kimber109
Always Aloneby Kimber109
People say you are never alone,but what if you truly are alone,stuck in a world that no one trusts you or likes you in? And only one person can change it?