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Savage creatures. by johnnywritesstories
Savage johnnywritesstories
The widowed Tokili treks across the world Marlin in search of a place of peace and quite where she can have the life she always wanted. But some how she is called upon b...
The black shadow monster in my bathroom by AshleyG1818
The black shadow monster in my Naomi Ashley Smit
Hallo allemaal! het is weer tijd voor een creepypasta, dus veel leesplezier!
Glow and I Will Catch You (Part 1) by ParinitaRsingh
Glow and I Will Catch You (Part 1)by Parinita
Jared and Kathy couldn't be happier on their special date night. Jared chose the most unusual and beautiful place for it near the forest, but little did they know what r...
The Limbs Were All Wrong by ToadVenom
The Limbs Were All Wrongby ToadVenom
have you ever been so scared by a noise before that you are frozen in fear? You have probably looked all around for whatever is causing the noise to try and settle your...
Monster Ted by SkandyGirl
Monster Tedby SkandyGirl
What is that under my bed is it a M-m-monster, All pictures taken and used frim google, credits to the people who made the pictures