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Banana Bus Squad || My Hero Academia by GoodHadock
Banana Bus Squad || My Hero GoodHadock
The squad is teleported to a world where 80% of the population have abilities called quirks. When they learn of a school called UA. They decide to go there and check it...
trust. // vanoss x reader //✔️ by Littlee_Onee
trust. // vanoss x reader //✔️by 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎𝚎_𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚎
(Y/n) works as a nurse. She was just going on about her day until strange things were happening around her. Next thing she knew, her world was turned around for the wors...
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔ by Other_Raccoon
Attenuated || Book 1 || ✔by Owl
A boy that suffered from anorexia nervosa moved from his home town to Canada with his currently abusive mother and scared sister. With no one to go to for help he deals...
Gay Group Chat (Multiple BBS Ships) by VixenDelirium
Gay Group Chat (Multiple BBS Ships)by Joe The Hoe
WARNING: There will be a lot of gay, typos, and gay typos. You have been warned✨✨
bbs (x reader) one-shots, discontinued. by crmslyw20
bbs (x reader) one-shots, lyle!!
✎ BBS//Vanoss Crew one-shots. Discontinued. If you're reading the description, hello 👋 Also, if you're about to read this book, excuse my 2019 writing and blame every...
30 Day writing challenge by bandhoez9194
30 Day writing challengeby ~ Wind 🖤 Song ~
a series of one shots for the bbs under a writing challenge, one story a day. I'll try at least lmao
Bang, Bang [h2ovanoss + more] by ohmwrecker-pecker
Bang, Bang [h2ovanoss + more]by chonky nutbuster
Everyone has a power in this world. Whether you discover them when you're six or when you're fifty, you're bound to find them at some point in your life. Jonathan wasn't...
mine // h2o delirious x reader // by Littlee_Onee
mine // h2o delirious x reader //by 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎𝚎_𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚎
Opening up isn't easy but sometimes you don't have a choice. Sometimes, it'll lead to a better life. Sometimes, it makes it worse. Sometimes, you find what you truly ne...
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) [Completed] by ChaolypticCrticism
Text Mate (BBS Crew Fanfic) [ ChaolypticCrticism
Highest ranking: #518 in Fanfiction Introducing Text Mate! The first app that allows you to anonymously chat with people in your area! Just answer a few simple questions...
The Bad Boy Effect (H2OVanoss) [Completed] by ChaolypticCrticism
The Bad Boy Effect (H2OVanoss) [ ChaolypticCrticism
Evan, the known 'bad boy' of Vakill High, him and his small group of friends- Craig, Tyler, Brian, Brock, and David. But he's not your typical bad boy, no. He's somethin...
The Gay Nerds Group Chat (TGNGC) by fzywood
The Gay Nerds Group Chat (TGNGC)by scar
a banana bus squad fanfic that includes the following three: gay, chaos, and memes
Memory (H2OVanoss)[Completed] by ChaolypticCrticism
Memory (H2OVanoss)[Completed]by ChaolypticCrticism
His laugh, his smile, his eyes, and his last words. Oh god his last words were the saddest things I've ever heard, but he meant them, I know he did. Three words, eight l...
Lucifer (H2OToonz) by DellyDentz
Lucifer (H2OToonz)by Del
Imagine the Devil himself, living inside you're head, talking to you every single day. What's it like living with the Devil, you ask? Oh it's Hell...Literally. People in...
Smut One-Shots by TeaDragons
Smut One-Shotsby TeaDragons
Title says it all. Requests are open.
On The Wrong Side(BBS heroes and villains Ship Book) by man_of_the_bsoiso_s
On The Wrong Side(BBS heroes and Bsoiso s man
The city of Los Santos is a dangerous place. A place of gangs and criminals. But, you can't have the villains without superheroes. The BBS is a dangerous gang of crimina...
Get The Fuck Home - 2P Vanoss Crew by bandhoez9194
Get The Fuck Home - 2P Vanoss Crewby ~ Wind 🖤 Song ~
Minecraft 2P AU The Crew found themselves in this new world 4 years ago and have spent every day trying to figure out to get home. One day, they wake up to find a stran...
Behind the Flames .:H2OVanoss:. by oOSkyzTheLimitOo
Behind the Flames Sky'z Dreamland
.•H2OVANOSS COMPLETE•. June 2020- Serious talk: this is an old story. It contains Pewdiecry and Minicat, two other main ships that play an important role throughout the...
No Happiness | BBS (Book 2) ⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ by LunaLuvsWriting
No Happiness | BBS (Book 2) ⚠️ Sunny
Sequel to"No Fun | BBS". Death is just a word for someone who passes away. The person isn't truly dead, they're still there. People can die but come back...
The Bully (A TerrorNuckel Fanfic) by kpopfanatic03
The Bully (A TerrorNuckel Fanfic)by Heather 💕
Brock is just a normal teenager at the school but for some reason, he was a target that Brian messed with. Brock didn't know why Brian decided to mess with him and he di...
Rise From the Ashes (Sequal to On the Wrong Side)(BBS) by man_of_the_bsoiso_s
Rise From the Ashes (Sequal to Bsoiso s man
It's been one year exactly since the Resistance vanished. No one had seen or heard from them since the day of their execution. Los Santos has been overrun with gangs and...