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𝘛𝘏𝘌 𝘚𝘖𝘜𝘕𝘋 𝘖𝘍  𝘏𝘌𝘈𝘙𝘛𝘉𝘌𝘈𝘛 ✔️ by kens_world
[mori x deaf! reader] Y/N Fujioka is your name and you're sadly deaf in your game. You're homeschooled because of your condition, but you always get information about t...
Sickly Prisoner (Ouran OHSHC Takashi Mori Morinozuka Kyoya Ootori) by kate_inspired
Sickly Prisoner (Ouran OHSHC Kate_inspired
Seeing the same walls everyday is like being in prisoned. Yet there was a consistent visitor to Hana's prison. Her big brother Kyoya came. Hana favored him and wanted to...
haruhi's secret lover (girlxgirl) [haruhi x female reader] by psyco_cat29
haruhi's secret lover (girlxgirl) tear_flavored_ramem
No one in the host club knew of Haruhi's girlfriend(y/n) (l/n), but it soon changed when Tamaki draged the host club to haruhi's apartment. when the host club reached th...
Emotions? What Are Those? | Ouran High School Host Club x Emotionless Reader by Chibi-Lee
Emotions? What Are Those? | Chibi_Lee
(Y/N) (L/N), heiress of the (L/N) family business. She must have the perfect life! Well, not exactly. (Y/N) is incapable of feeling emotions. (Y/N) inherited this trait...
Clouds {OHSHC} by crispyink
Clouds {OHSHC}by Jester
Kemuri Fujioka, Haruhi's older brother, isn't a normal 16-year old. He spends some of his days being Kuma Arita, a famous influencer. One day he decides he wants to go...
Mori X Reader Insert ouran OHSHC Takashi [Completed] by kate_inspired
Mori X Reader Insert ouran OHSHC Kate_inspired
"Give it your best shot." (F/n) is the new girl. The different one. Pulls back yet still fights. At times bold and at times a coward. Experiencing many differ...
Little brother type (on a small hold) by HollowEye
Little brother type (on a small HollowEye
(This is a OHSHC fanfic also known as Ouran High school Host club fanfic) A boy who was the little brother to the country, assumed dead with his late father. He gets und...
The Invitation (OHSHC x Male!Reader) DISCONTINUED  by hungfishu
The Invitation (OHSHC x Male! нυηgғιsнυ
yo this story is discontinued.... Being best friends with Haruhi has made your life a little brighter and more hopeful. But then she decides to 'invite you' to join Oura...
Haruhi x Fem Reader by Oranacullen
Haruhi x Fem Readerby Orana123
When a new member appears in the host club (Y/n) grows curious, at first it was to make them feel welcome but now could it be something more... During the story there wi...
THE ONLY EXCEPTION, tamaki suoh by miyahangout
THE ONLY EXCEPTION, tamaki suohby MIYA is on a break
MAIKO TAKATA was not good at making friends. She only had one friend, and that was Haruhi Fujioka. But when Haruhi finds themselves becoming a host in Ouran Academy's no...
OHSHC x Tran-male reader Magic is real by Beepbopbom
OHSHC x Tran-male reader Magic Beepbopbom
This book being rewritten with a better version Do not question the art cover OHSHC belong to Bisco Hatori Art belongs to me
Hitachiin Twins X Reader by crazykittengirl7
Hitachiin Twins X Readerby Sasha
Your father has recently passed away, leaving you in the care of your mother. You will be attending Ouran High School for your first year as your father wished, hoping y...
running out of time (OHSHC x Reader x various) by klutterkiddo
running out of time (OHSHC x bunny
You are Alois' adopted sister and the two of you have always despised each other, so much so that on your thirteenth birthday he sent you away to Japan in order to atten...
Pink Usagi {OHSHC Honey-senpai} by celestial_mage_lucy
Pink Usagi {OHSHC Honey-senpai}by celestial_mage_lucy
Kanami, Itsumi isn't one of your ordinary rich girl, to be exact, she isn't rich at all. She's a commoner, who became an honor student at Ouran Academy. What happens whe...
The Newest Member Of The Host Club! {OHSHC X OC} by NokiRC
The Newest Member Of The Host Noki Roberto
Hatsu Kumuri is a young student, who has started to study a few month, in the Oran Academy! As looking for a place to write in peace and quiet, Hatsu stumbles upon an a...
Twisted  ⇢ Hitachiin Twins x reader by skrrtskyeet
Twisted ⇢ Hitachiin Twins x readerby skrt!
❝Those brothers can't love !❞ ❝Then what would you call what we feel for you , Y/n ?❞ *.:。love is a game , and the Hitachiin twins love to twist the rules .*.:。 ↱...
The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb  by -Galra-
The 'bad boy' type || OHSHC bxb by -Galra-
Sora Hattori is the new scholar student at Ouran, who doesn't seem like the kindest person at first glance but the host club is determined to break his cold exterior and...
The popstar type || Ohshc by roman-tic
The popstar type || Ohshcby 𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐒☄. *. ⋆
┆彡 ❪ OHSHC X M READER. ❫ ❝ ❞ ❪ S : 20.06 ┆E : ❫ ❪ ohshc fanfic. written by rits ❫ ❪ male host characters. ❫ ❪ nostalgia purposes ❫
The Brotherly Type (Male Reader Insert) by Reesebored
The Brotherly Type (Male Reader Rene
Haruhi and (M/n) inseparable, they helped each other through anything. They we also top of their class, so when it came to Ouran, they both luckily made it in. Unfortuna...
Ohshc oneshots by MayaGAYce
Ohshc oneshotsby Rini the Multi fandom-er
I will not be doing smut/lemons. I will pose infrequently because I have frequent writers block. This is my first ever fanfic so this story will be cringy