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The Girl In The Handcuffs  by Ayanna_Wild
The Girl In The Handcuffs by Ayanna
They say first impressions are the most important part of meeting someone new. Lucifer's first impression of you was a little unorthodox to say the least. He met you, ha...
Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter) by angelina_bukenovia
Tenebrae (Lucifer's daughter)by Angel ?
"Do you think God stays in Heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?" "No, he fears what he didn't." Before there was Lux. Before th...
Lucifers beloved daughter by Sterre456
Lucifers beloved daughterby Sterre456
When Lucifer went to earth, he left his daughter, Lucy to be the 'temporary'ruler of hell. Before he left, he told her he would come back after two years, max three... W...
Lucifer's Angel // Lucifer Morningstar x Reader // by Cheesecake2524
Lucifer's Angel // Lucifer Fïzziplier
(Y/n) moved to Los Angeles with her cousin, Detective Chloe Decker, so she can work alongside Chloe as homicide detective as well. On her first night in L.A. she decides...
Forever With The Devil by Cali-R
Forever With The Devilby Cali-R
A story about the Queen of Hell and her long lost love, Lucifer Morningstar. (Already posted on Tumblr, but this version is altered and rewritten) Inspired by a certain...
His Only x. Lucifer Morningstar by lgbthczier
His Only x. Lucifer Morningstarby chloe
Lucifer didn't fall in love, never. He was the Devil for crying out loud! But that changed moment 𝘴𝘩𝘦 walked into Lux. She was stunning with her aura of innocence an...
Deckerstar One Shots by bfgreymark
Deckerstar One Shotsby Bf Graymark
One shots based on the Netflix show Lucifer, mostly fluff.
Hey Angel | Lucifer's Daughter x Avengers by AlyanaxStyles
Hey Angel | Lucifer's Daughter x Al
Haven, lucifer's daughter travels from hell to the fabulous New York. She goes on about her life, Expecting to have a swell time. Until she gets kidnapped by an organiza...
Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela) by TheQuietHufflepuff
Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela)by TheQuietHufflepuff
Leilani, known as Lani, Iosua is the epitome of goodness. She never drank underage, she's never taken drugs, she follows the rules of the road, she barely even cusses. ...
Hell bound, heaven sent (lucifer fan fiction) by yomikomi7198
Hell bound, heaven sent (lucifer yomikomi7198
Angela blackstone is fairly new to the city of LA, at least that's what her cousin will tell you. Having very few friends living in her area, they take her out celebrate...
Fell in Love with the Devil (LuciferxSupernatural Crossover) [#Wattys2021] by Fanatic_Squared
Fell in Love with the Devil ( Fanatic Squared
Maya is the sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. She lost Sam when he threw himself into the cage to get rid of Lucifer. She and Dean worked to continue the job of fight...
Memoir of a Ghost Girl by RHBelle
Memoir of a Ghost Girlby R.H. Belle
Mari Evans life was cut off too soon. There wasn't a bright light. There wasn't a golden gate or pits of fire. She was still just there with memories of her sub par lif...
My Urchin  by teapoetsworld
My Urchin by teapoetsworld
Lucifer Morningstar, THE devil, taking a vacation in LA, getting a job at the police department and meeting the amazing Detective :) Everything is flawless until.... Di...
Hazbin Hotel x Mr King Dice! Male Reader by 00Anime_Weeb00
Hazbin Hotel x Mr King Dice! 00Anime_Weeb00
Somehow y/n got separated from The Cuphead, and is now in the underworld. How will he find his way back? I'm not really good at descriptions.. Read more to...
Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 ✔ (Unedited) by EmotionalPerson01
Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 ✔ ( Emotional Person
#1 in Devil on December 24, 2019 #2 in Emotional on August 13, 2018 #7 in Paranormal on December 18, 2018 Book 1 - Saved By The Devil ✅ Book 2 - Return Of The Devil ✅ Bo...
That Time I got Reincarnated as the Fallen Angel by Aeon_Hunter
That Time I got Reincarnated as Aeon
Agent Seven. An assassin working for the Organization. All his life, it was nothing more than a murder festival. After his death, he accepted his fate. Until an angelic...
Deckerstar One Shots by starry_decker
Deckerstar One Shotsby Grelle Sutcliff
Welcome, if you love deckerstar or even just the show Lucifer then you've come to the right place! This is a huge compilation of one shots and drabble. Sooome smut. Enjo...
Imagine Me and You | Lucifer GIF Series by Team_Ackles
Imagine Me and You | Lucifer GIF Team_Ackles
In the beginning... The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decided to take a vacation... A series of gifs and ima...
Taming Scar (Lesbian Story) by loveanoutcast
Taming Scar (Lesbian Story)by V
Scar skär/ noun a mark left on the skin or within body tissue where a wound, burn, or sore has not healed completely. April Morningstar. Better known as Scar. S...
Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFiction)  by FanFic_Love13
Love In The Dark (A Deckerstar FanFic_Love13
Chloe and Lucifer are caught in a case that places Chloe's life on the line and makes Lucifer question leaving everyone and going back to being the Prince Of Darkness. R...
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