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I moved on Archie I ✔ by Nikithasuz123
I moved on Archie I ✔by Nikithasuz123
How would you feel when you see the guy you like holding another girl's hand? When he kisses a girl that isn't you? The biggest dance of the year, but you aren't exci...
Can You Keep A Secret? (Completed) by LJRwrites
Can You Keep A Secret? (Completed)by LettieJean Rivers
Aria has been cordially invited to the wedding of the century . According to her mom . Her older sister is finally marrying her high school sweetheart and she couldn't b...
Must Hate The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED) by notjustarandomgirl
Must Hate The PLAYBOY! (PUBLISHED)by Shorty ❤
(Must Date the Playboy Book 2) Tori tried her best to move on from the playboy who broke her heart. But just as she thought she was finally okay, Zach unexpectedly came...
Riddhima OS: I wanna be Free by AnushkaShetty799
Riddhima OS: I wanna be Freeby AnushkaShetty799
Hey Its Me Anushka, For The First Time I am publishing here in Wattpad..I have wrote this story on India Forums...As I was an Active Member there...But As I am inactive...
Prachi : Moving On  by peacee1734
Prachi : Moving On by peacee1734
Hiii! A oneshot of Prachi . This is not gonna end up with pranbir being together. Not to hurt anyone but this is not a pranbir FF.
UNREQUITED LOVE ❤️💔 by LoveARsindu
They are best friends. She loved him. He didn't. She imagined her future with him. But he never saw her more than a friend. He loved somebody else. Her heart ached. He w...
Ab Pyaar Nahi ✓ by -Octothorpe-
Ab Pyaar Nahi ✓by -Octothorpe-
#1 in #kaira (10/06/2019), (16/06/2019) #2 in #shivin (10/06/2019) Kartik agreed to marry Aashi on his Mother's request leaving Naira heartbrok...
One Night Only by cshinard
One Night Onlyby Courtney S.
*You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.* College senior Scarlett Newton thought s...
The billionaire's Flipped Heart  by i7love8allah6
The billionaire's Flipped Heart by ❤
#3 on 3.3.2018 Omar junaid abdullah The man around whom revolved Aayat's world. She loved him since childhood and he disliked her since forever. Their parents had decid...
The Bad Boy Inside the White Suit [BOOK 4] by kdotjhae
The Bad Boy Inside the White K. Jhae
Will the guy I've always liked finally like me back? Will he ever look at me even if I am willing to keep his darkest secrets? Doubt it, but we'll see. ● Book 4 in The S...
Treasurer of My Sparkle by lovingdimensions
Treasurer of My Sparkleby lovingdimensions
"Tejo puttar, you have to promise me," Khushbeer spoke, "you will get married before Fateh and Jasmine's marriage else even their marriage won't happen.&q...
Before He Cheats  by Booklover082
Before He Cheats by Booklover082
A story in which a woman tries to move on after leaving her cheating husband. *She does not take him back*
Ruha by Aiyla03
Ruhaby Aiyla03
"Is there any way to repair a broken heart?!" She asked. Her eye held curiosity, it held sadness..... It held hope He smiled. He is going to show her.... His...
𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐊'𝐒 𝐒𝐂𝐄𝐍𝐓 .°* | vol i. by Whothefuckisvideo
ㅤ ♔。:*•.─────    𑁍̤ ❛ HAUNTING ―― LINGERS BEHIND . . . 𝘈 𝘚𝘔𝘌𝘓𝘓 𝘖𝘍 𝘚𝘐𝘓𝘒 * a fanfiction based on a crossover between 'who made me a p...
Wattpad's Best Romance Books by KatyDreams
Wattpad's Best Romance Booksby Aimie
Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on this list, PM...
-K by Twoony
-Kby Twoony
Fresh out of a bad break up, Avery Cormier thought he wasn't the least bit interested in romance until he found it in the most peculiar place; on a scribbled note in the...
Ex wifey by deeya_lover_girlx
Ex wifeyby Sadiya Isah Umar
#78 in random (01/01/18) #77 in mystery/thriller (16/01/18) I'm sure your used to the typical Story where the billionaire thinks his wife is cheating on him so he also c...
My Impossible Ex - A Billionaire Novel by ruethesunflower
My Impossible Ex - A Billionaire Rumbidzai Vandurschuur
"I can't do this anymore" I whispered under my breath. "I can't let you go" he said in a deep voice. "You're being selfish " I yelled at...
Chaelisa/Jensoo- Love Unexpectedly by thechosenone25
Chaelisa/Jensoo- Love Unexpectedlyby thechosenone25
"We always tend to believe that it's the bad memories that hurt you the most. But no one knows that it's actually the good ones that drive you insane.." &quo...
Lab Rats: True Love {Book 1} by FemaleBadass234
Lab Rats: True Love {Book 1}by FemaleBadass234
Dean Blackwell has been the best and only friend of Leo Dooley. Their mothers have been best friends since highschool, which is what made them friends. When Leo's mom ma...