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EJ by Aqualityofmercy
EJby aqualityofmercy
This is a love story with a crossdressing/transgender element. It starts a bit grim or perhaps with dark humour, but as it moves along there is light and eventually dis...
Saved by a Dress by Aqualityofmercy
Saved by a Dressby aqualityofmercy
A boy's victory over adversary. It's a transgender story and starts rather grimly with despair, a lack of hope and the emergence of suicidal intentions. The boy works th...
A female wetter by yaharv1
A female wetterby yaharv1
How a boy became a girl in nappies
Why ME by Cattybatty02738286
Why MEby FemTransGirlAdy
Guy forced into becoming trans through his own mistakes
A New Life by Zain11-2001
A New Lifeby Zain11-2001
Join Zain as He changes into a girl. One Day Zain saves a man in a Nuclear reactor failure and is effected differently by the radiations causing his male body to become...
Non-School Uniform Day (MTF) by Audiyyxkgk
Non-School Uniform Day (MTF)by Audiyyxkgk
A judgemental student judges his crush's outfit but is greeted by an "unpleasant" surprise of irony.
In The City of the Nightmare King [Formerly Wizards Are So Gay] by VSSantoni
In The City of the Nightmare V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The nightmare continues when Ryan, the gay wizard, comes face to face with the most unexpected nemeses yet. He will have to figure out if love t...
His and Her Confessions | Completed by SynDr0id
His and Her Confessions | Completedby Syn
His and Her Confessions is a heartwarming tale of two second-grade classmates who reunite unexpectedly in high school. After certain events involving his newly divorced...
Don't Drink The Gene Juice by IWannaBeAMergirl
Don't Drink The Gene Juiceby I Wanna Be A Mergirl
If you could turn into any creature, that'd be awesome... wouldn't it? Seth had been hoping for a fun rest of his senior year of high school. He was going to go on dates...
Jocks and artists by motionlessmonstax
Jocks and artistsby Mixed♌
This is about Tak from Strawberries and Jocks. Tak has just came out as trans and life is scary. Tak enters college and meets Noah Vincent Kaji a Jewish Japanese America...
Little Bird by Aqualityofmercy
Little Birdby aqualityofmercy
Transgender story with a prison setting. There is fear and violence, then discovery and love, followed by dreams and plans, and finally fulfilment. It is a first person...
Melody by Aqualityofmercy
Melodyby aqualityofmercy
A transgender shortstory stemming from a fright and unexpected subsequent developments. It's a happy story with some fun and humor.
You Now can Change into a Woman by jessieash971
You Now can Change into a Womanby Jessie Ash
A new series that puts you, the viewer, in the center of the story. You're the one who can now turn into a woman. So, what are you going to do?
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Female reader) by Wulfston1
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Wulfston1
You are a D-Class. You were framed for murdering a important personell to the SCP foundation. You were thrown inside with little hope to escape. They make you preform te...
LGBT+ by lilyinthesky
LGBT+by Lily
My official anthology of queer stories :D This book is a series of oneshots (fiction, nonfiction, and self help) dedicated entirely to sexuality, gender identity, and lg...
Undies for my son's growing butt by CrossdressersGroup
Undies for my son's growing buttby CrossdressersGroup
one day my son's butt started to grow read what all happened afterwards
Christopher To Christina: An Answered Prayer  by Laindzy
Christopher To Christina: An Laindzy
This is the life story of Christina and how she blossomed from unhappy, depressed, bullied Christopher with no hope for the future, into wonderfully happy, well adjusted...
Basket of Oranges by agaygod
Basket of Orangesby max
you know what? Fuck you! lgbtq's your mcyts mtf tommyinnit au because im sad original on AO3
Momojirou by even_ghost
Momojirouby even_ghost
Jirou was in love with her best friend, Momo Yaoyorosu. However, Jirou had a big problem on that, because she didn't know if Momo liked girls, and she was trans. She wa...
The new girl in nappies by yaharv1
The new girl in nappiesby yaharv1
The story of how a boy became a girl in nappies