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Psycho Boy ㅣtaekook by taekooklland
Psycho Boy ㅣtaekookby Imane <3
"Who's that?" "That's the new student. Stay away from him. They say he's sick." (Multiple Personality disorder) Highest rank : #1 in btsfanfic | #67...
Multi •Yoonmin•|WATTYS2017| by Yoonmin321
Multi •Yoonmin•|WATTYS2017|by Rin(Yoonmin321)
In which a boy who has multiple personality disorder(MPD) meets a patient who has anxiety from the same psychiatrist he goes to.
Total Drama Mike x (Female)Reader by Mari-universes
Total Drama Mike x (Female)Readerby ♡Mari-chan♡
You are competing in Total Drama Revenge of the Island! You meet the campers and get a shot to win the million! Will you win the million or win a better prize? Or go ho...
Living with OSDD-1B! by DeceptionSystem0606
Living with OSDD-1B!by ℓєииуи ∂є¢єρтισи
This book will have info on our system, lives in the inner world and real world, how we cope with dissociation and switches, struggles, vents, and more! We may also do a...
[✓](2)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself by GirlUnderSun
[✓](2)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Holy
BOOK 2 - (COMPLETED) Contains Chapters 399-815 Rumor had it that Qiao Xi had a weak constitution-a sickly beauty. Rumor had it that she spent a fortune every day on medi...
[✓](1)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself by GirlUnderSun
[✓](1)Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Holy
BOOK 1 - (COMPLETED) Contains Chapters 1-398 Rumor had it that Qiao Xi had a weak constitution-a sickly beauty. Rumor had it that she spent a fortune every day on medi...
[C] Putera Kayangan by HazzelEyyez
[C] Putera Kayanganby STPM
"eeeey!! tengoklah kejap lagi selipar jepun kau terputus pastu kau terpeleot jatuh longkang!" - Anayra Zaara Garang? itulah dia insan bernama Anayra Zaara. Ada...
His Possession by jgbugmiddle12
His Possessionby jgbugmiddle12
Alexandria Martinez - Hernandez is 18 years old with MPD or Multiple personality disorder and lives with her abusive /druggie/alcoholic father. She has lived in LA, Ca...
[✓](1)I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses by GirlUnderSun
[✓](1)I Turned Wild After Being Holy
BOOK - 1 (COMPLETED) Contains Chapters 1-1000 After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl who is sent into a mental hospital by her biolog...
The MPD cat boy by Idiotwhotalkstoomuch
The MPD cat boyby A Living Person
Izuku Midoriya, a very special boy. He had a cat mutation quirk and another one called MPD. He had multiple people inside him and they were part of his family and became...
-It's Personal- by ColieWrites
-It's Personal-by ColieWrites
One day it's fine, the next it isn't. It's all blurry though, that's for sure. Kind of like a smoke screen was thrown over Alex's dim reality till all he could find were...
Who are you? (COMPLETED)✔️ by Yayashcj98
Who are you? (COMPLETED)✔️by ZomDyDy
Tay suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorders (DID) or known as multiple personality disorder. He often ends in different places with no idea of what had happen. &quo...
The Symbols Of Evil by MoinMahmud
The Symbols Of Evilby Moin Mahmud
Izuku Midoriya was devastated upon learning that you can't be a Hero without a Quirk,Then on that same day he met a boy with Multiple Personality Disorder who is The son...
All Of Onika by Nicki_Meek50
All Of Onikaby Nicki_Meek50
If you can't handle Nicki, then you can't handle us all.
Perfect To Me by WayToSarcastic
Perfect To Meby Sardonic The Gremlin
Lillian Green had signed up for the newest season of Total Drama. Why a sweet girl such as herself would audition for a show as evil as that, one could only wonder. None...
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Everything And Nothing All At Once by BeautifulSilence_08
Everything And Nothing All At Onceby C. S. Stone
A man has been held captive for years. He lost track of how long it has been. He is left by his lonesome. He entertains himself the best he can with the little things he...
More Than One Mind by cursedyellowbeetch
More Than One Mindby Eat Trash
Izuku Midoriya is a 14 year old normal, quirkless boy. He loves heroes and wishes that he could have a normal life, but unfortunately, that isn't really for him. He live...
His Obsession |Taehyung AU| by kathySaphireblue
His Obsession |Taehyung AU|by Kathy ✓
Why is he always smiling even when he's sad? Why does his eyes show an unknown emotion? As if they're in need of help? But he's perfectly fine. Why is it that even when...
TDROTI | Mike x Reader by -Funko_Mushroom-
TDROTI | Mike x Readerby 👻💕
I've just gotten back into total drama and I've recently been obsessing with Mike. I cant fine anymore stories of him so I decided to make one myself. I will try to upd...
Yesterday  [ EDITING ] by Bonolo20K
Yesterday [ EDITING ]by B20K_♡_U
Rewritten version off MELODRAMATIC , PAIN and BERONICA PREVIOUSLY known as Sixteen reasons ...