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Intertwined by SophieG701
Intertwinedby Sophia Luck
One moment, one choice has the power to change a person's life. Even multiple lives. On the 20th June 2017 at 8:15am, a girl, no more than sixteen, who (in the spur of...
Don't Be a Kept Man by lalisazel27
Don't Be a Kept Manby lalisazel27
This is not my story nor did I translate it. Description In this world, there is always one type of man who does not want to improve themselves. They care only for thems...
Vanguard by CelestialL0tus
Vanguardby Lottie Brewer
Sparrow is a young teen from a small town that has moved to the big city to begin a career as a superhero. However, the charming little dream is soon crushed by the real...
Willow Academy by The_Dawn_Rose
Willow Academyby The_Midnight_Rose
Willow Academy is a school for Nobles and Royals alike, but those words: Nobles and Royals, mean vastly different things from what you would think. Willow Academy has o...
This Side of San Francisco | Complete | by star-lite
This Side of San Francisco | star-lite
| Second Place (Short Story) - Winner Awards | | Finalist (Short Story) - Golden Nugget Awards | | Diversity Award - Golden Nugget Awards | | Fourth Runner-Up (Shor...
Twelve Kingdoms_translated novel by mumaborsh
Twelve Kingdoms_translated novelby mumaborsh
**NOT my story. For offline reading purpose only** Synopsis: For high-schooler Yoko Nakajima, life has been fairly ordinary-that is until Keiki, a young man with golden...
A Dreamer Awoken by potatotatotati
A Dreamer Awokenby spice
Miyuki Shimizu was an average teen, with average looks, an average school, average BFF's (who were also "average" twins), an "average" crush, and no...
Custodes by mhjoker
Custodesby Jonas Haaker
Me and a friend decided to write a book in a dresden files style. This is an early draft of the first chapter, feedback welcome :)
field of battle by Neur0t1c
field of battleby Nitori Kawashiro
this fucking title needs changing and that first chapter is fake
Tales of the Time Patrol - Book 1: Tokitoki City Catastrophe by ApproximatelyFluff
Tales of the Time Patrol - Book Sean Thompson
A retelling of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Step into the shoes of the Saiyan Elite Time Patroller summoned by Trunks, named Parsuni, and venture through the past, present, an...
Sweepers Book 1: Philadelphia by LordEnglishSSBM
Sweepers Book 1: Philadelphiaby
Seventeen years ago, a meteor crashed into Lake Michigan near Wisconsin's Peninsula, bringing to Earth a mysterious force which granted regular people supernatural power...
The Precipice of Power by Nameless3002
The Precipice of Powerby Null Void
When a mystic has reached the peak of their world's growth, they are able to ascend, leaving it behind in favor of a higher, more potent plane. Since the dawn of existen...
《♧YHS ItsFunneh Danganronpa Au♤》 by puppeh-chanYT
《♧YHS ItsFunneh Danganronpa Au♤》by puppeh-chan♡
》Your protagonist: Evelyn Wynd. A smart high-schooler who's been accepted into an elite high-school. Yandere High; a school of the talented. Her intelligence is...
A song for Phoebus by theblackdragon108
A song for Phoebusby theblackdragon108
A timid king's bastard must find her true purpose in life, despite the challenges that stand in her path. An exiled prince is forced to survive the cutthroat world of t...
Sixth Personality Awakening: In Another World With My Mental Issues by Neji_Hyuga_II
Sixth Personality Awakening: In Minato Yatsushiro
Kaenjin Itsugami. Suzuka Amanogawa. Two childhood friends, having lost their lives in a bus accident and are now deceased. However, this is not the end. A seven-year-old...
Linked Worlds | Other Dimensions #1 by Calliope-Night
Linked Worlds | Other Dimensions #1by Calliope Night
What happens when four strangers from different dimensions are forced together because of an ancient prophecy? One girl scarred both in and out, another who wanted freed...
The Gate of the Middle Kingdom by SonnyGoten
The Gate of the Middle Kingdomby SonnyGoten
One day Stephen and Daniel step into a Chinese restaurant where they meet Madam Hong, the bossy owner of the restaurant, and Victor, her rude waiter. The boys realize so...
Learning (The League of Fighters 1/3) by CC_writing
Learning (The League of Fighters Have a nice day
"You know, movies are great and all, but it would be nice to see superheroes in real life." It's June 2019, and Max, Jaeden, Riley, Blakely, Ella, and Meeria a...