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Villains Aren't Born (My Hero Academia x Villain! Male Reader) by blaszczu2500
Villains Aren't Born (My Hero blaszczu2500
In a world where having a superhuman ability called "Quirk" is perfectly normal and quite common, Y/N L/N was less fortunate than other people his age and was...
steddie  by iamgaybish
steddie by I hate myself
"None of the girls like you, man." "what's your point, Henderson?" "There are guys that do..." ••#1 in #mustard 7/17/22•• ••#10 in #steddie...
mustard| k. ukai  by k-didit
mustard| k. ukai by kait [she/her]
"Don't look at her. You'll feed her god-complex." In which Tobio Kageyama's older sister takes a job at Karasuno High as an athletic trainer.
My personal diary  by Idfk74
My personal diary by Idfk74
This is actually my diary with personal things that happen so yeah
Atsuko Shigaraki by AkkoShigaraki
Atsuko Shigarakiby Child of Hades
The story of Atsuko Usagiyama is one not suitable for those faint of heart (meaning it has descriptions of gore in it, not a lot but it has some in the first few chapter...
all for nothing (allforone Deku) by cybercommand3
all for nothing (allforone Deku)by Cyber Controller
This is my first story ever so it might be cringy. The image belongs to Xiaoann. You can check her other stuff out on Twitter. none of these characters belong to me. Al...
Twisted Sins {Tomura Shigaraki} ON HOLD by Deviant_Paradise
Twisted Sins {Tomura Shigaraki} Deviant_Paradise
From the moment Shigaraki was brought under the care of All for One, he's been protected. By his master and the girl hidden in the shadows. She was given one purpose by...
MHA Headcannons by insomniac_pokeball
MHA Headcannonsby Hitoshi Shinso
read the freaking title :) Also none of the art shown is mine, all credit goes to the artists that made these amazing images!
Æ Merging by Iiqnivic
Æ Mergingby Hous
Discontinued on Wattpad Tomura Shigaraki learns to unite all villains. Izuku finds his true purpose and family. All the while a ragtag group of human robots helps smooth...
A Second Chance? by Lost_Hoodie
A Second Chance?by Lost_My_Mind
You died at the age of six but you came back as a ghost . You had no memories of yourself except of how you died. You haunt the grounds that you died in and soon enough...
WTH Is Sanity by Shiitakemushroomy
WTH Is Sanityby a toaster
This book is TEMPORARILY not going to be updated for a good while. Izuku Midoriya was a cannibal. No he didn't have a quirk that made him one. He just likes the taste o...
Welcome To The Villain Daycare! by Lost_Hoodie
Welcome To The Villain Daycare!by Lost_My_Mind
You just moved in and got a job a local daycare. Kurogiri was your boss and you have to take care of 21 children. Oh let the nightmares began.... I own nothing
Fractured Realms by Baryonyx138
Fractured Realmsby BaryonyxDude
After the devastating war of the Far Plains, the Frostbourne are forced to retreat back to their snowy homeland. However, the Nether also suffered great casualties, wors...
Healing Scars [[Honey Mustard]] by WhiteB1azeEc1pse
Healing Scars [[Honey Mustard]]by Cc and Acid
Trouble is among the alternate universes. Occasionally, portals have been appearing in random universes, connecting them with others. Then, a portal opens between vastly...
✦ ┊  league of villains oneshots by Tordoholic
✦ ┊ league of villains oneshotsby ミ★ 🅣🅞🅡🅓 ! ˎˊ-
A series of oneshots for the underrated members of the LOV! I'll have separate oneshot books for Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga (who are probably the most popular out of all...
RoadtripTV One-Shots by roaddancetv
RoadtripTV One-Shotsby Melissa Leitner
One-Shots of a British-Irish boyband called Roadtrip. These One-Shots include Rye Beaumont, Andy Fowler, Sonny(Ryan) Robertson, Brooklyn Wyatt, Jack Duff, Mikey Cobban...
✒ℹJust Enjoy, dear love↩ (Kustard) by OitsyoboiNm
✒ℹJust Enjoy, dear love↩ (Kustard)by Nightmare Sans
Two opposite skeletons One Classically workaholic, One Edgy but punny Oh, it's not a Classic love story you see. . They fought together, from the others sickness They bo...
Unfixable - HoneyMustard (Hiatus) by KillerAkuma
Unfixable - HoneyMustard (Hiatus)by KillerAkuma
He was broken and had very little hope that he could be anything else. He was ready for it all to end, for it all to stop and not restart. He was ready to die... But s...
Dead Morals(Villain Deku) -Book 2 of The Beginning of The End- by Topo_Purrito
Dead Morals(Villain Deku) -Book I’m A Giraffe
Izuku Midoriya was presumed dead after disappearing in his second year of middle school. In actuality he was brought to the League of Villains base. Izuku gets into UA a...