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School of wonders by JDFable
School of wondersby JDFable
New fully illustrated chapter every Friday! Sophie is a young girl who's never quite been able to fit in. Today she's supposed to start at a new school - again - and she...
Mysterious Power  by whereareourpens006
Mysterious Power by whereareourpens006
Magic, power is completely normal in the city for everyone except for one but why????Is he some kind of curse!! Or a weak fellow who is not worth the powers??? Maybe a h...
The Gift by JayyFrmdao
The Giftby Eli🤍
My version of Teen Wolf will be awesome but uh enjoy make sure to stay tuned to this series I will be writing two more books of this genre connected too the gift💜
The black book ||{Kawaki x Reader}|| by HottieKill3r
The black book ||{Kawaki x Reader} Hottiekill3r
Life is not always the way it seems..~}. it might just all be a lie~}....... Kawaki x Reader
Facade... by Book_vampire2131
#6 Book_vampire
#1 in mysterious! ___________________ Facade: /fəˈsɑːd/ (noun):a deceptive outward appearance. ____________________ The world's most dangerous organisation and one of t...
Cierra's Tale ✓ by Snowheart19__3
Cierra's Tale ✓by Kaitlyn Fletcher
🥇 #1 in Short Story (Lily Awards & Campfire Awards) | Just 16 years old, Cierra has a secret that is destined to shatter the foundations of the world around her. Dete...
Romantic Nightmare by PetraMihac
Romantic Nightmareby Petra Mihac
Ra, a girl who was reading a romance book, fell asleep and woke up in the book she was reading. The book turns out to be a nightmare to live in and Ra is trying her hard...
The Next Reign  by MiraMiraOnTheWallz
The Next Reign by Mirras
The Next Reign: What if Mary Stuart of Scots had an heir or heirs to the thrown of France. What if she had a beautiful little baby girl and boy named Anne and James. It...
Stanford Pines x Reader by butlersforlife4141
Stanford Pines x Readerby butlersforlife4141
A story about Stanford Pines and Reader with a growing relationship after being rescued for years.
June 20th by KiahFrederick
June 20thby Kia The dealership
On June 20th Ash's life changed. Ash was a normal boy with friends who were nothing like him. They were very energetic and happy, while Ash was shy and lonely. He never...
The twins go to Hogwarts  by Maddie718677
The twins go to Hogwarts by Anemone
Percy and Hali lost most of their friends in the war, but luckily they were able to save the world yet again. They think that they finally can live normal lives until th...
The Kitsune Girl by TiaJacobs22
The Kitsune Girlby Tia Jacobs
When a young Japanese girl discovers that she is half-human and half-kitsune, she goes on an adventure to find the truth about her past. Along the way, she will encounte...
⭐ Falling 🌙 ( Mythology Fiction) by Thushara1990
⭐ Falling 🌙 ( Mythology Fiction)by 김 장 미
ශතවර්ෂ ගණනකට පෙර මන්දාකිණියකින් වෙන් කෙරූ දිව්‍ය විමනේ කුමරිය වේගා සහ පොළවෙහි විසූ එඬේර තරුණයෙක් වන අල්ටෙයාර්ගෙ සදාතනික ආදර කතාවේ නව මානයක්.. Cover credit goes to @JINiu...
THE LAST BLOODLINE(BOOK1) by blessingbjb05
Alice a young detective was keen in investigating the death of her husband and daughter. Her quest for the truth leads her to Atlanta which was a haven for vampires. Her...
Hilton Hell University  (The Next Generation Edition ) (On hold) by Aizyaichhi
Hilton Hell University (The Aizanna Stories
New Generation means new murder mystery that needs to be solved new faces to be encounter new puzzles needs to be solved.
MYTH by nursingnutella
MYTHby nutella
a misrepresentation of the truth.. Different information on mythology creatures and animals..gods, goddess. Etc..۝
Phoenix  by Rosechen14
Phoenix by Rose Chen
"Chilly wind crawls into my skin, as you can feel chilly and shiver while sleeping. I just woke up after feeling chilly across my skin" *Maximum Ride sequel F...
SHINKO AND HER MYSTERY by soumidolui213
SHINKO AND HER MYSTERYby soumidolui213
This is creepy but more funny... Here Shinchan... Is really improved but has some essence of fiddly ness..... So please read this story ....😊 The characters are Hiroshi...