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Whispers of Nowhere by RebelDynasty
Whispers of Nowhereby Shannon Rohrer
**AVAILABLE ON AMAZON** (Book One in the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy) When Gwen's father gets home late from work, it's just another typical night for the museum curator...
Any Way the Wind Blows by wera_nyooms
Any Way the Wind Blowsby Wera Niyom
Can a selkie mend his broken heart? After a car accident results in the loss of his family, memories, and empathy, Lee Kangmin finds himself trapped in a colorless world...
The Mythos Trials by RebelDynasty
The Mythos Trialsby Shannon Rohrer
(Book Three in the Whispers of Nowhere Trilogy) The Spectrum has fallen. Those not trapped within its borders find themselves scattered across the realms, unable to help...
The Spectrum Chronicles: Arcane Guardian by RebelDynasty
The Spectrum Chronicles: Arcane Shannon Rohrer
**THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT PREVIEW ONLY** (Part of The Spectrum Chronicles, companion series to the Whispers of Nowhere trilogy). There are those who have lived for millenn...
The Minoan Rhapsody by Al_R_Arce
The Minoan Rhapsodyby Al R. Arce
Olympus had no foresight, clouded by the chaos created by their own. As they struggled from within, the Minoans rose to power. You think you know their stories: King Mi...
The Forbidden Rhapsody by Al_R_Arce
The Forbidden Rhapsodyby Al R. Arce
You think you know all the stories: the names of Kings and the faces of Gods. You re-enacted the battles in child's play and imagined the monsters that made you sweat co...
The Spectrum Chronicles: Shattered Time by RebelDynasty
The Spectrum Chronicles: Shannon Rohrer
**NOTE: THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT PREVIEW ONLY** Giving in to his impulse to reclaim his long-lost youth, Chronos-Father of Time, whom has existed since it began-turns back...
The Demon of Red Gate by KatoIsBlue
The Demon of Red Gateby Wisteria Blue
Set in the mythical past of the ancient far east, a humble day laborer-turned-assassin tries to endure a night of suffering in the smouldering ruins of his destroyed tow...
Faylinn's Bazaar Tale by Jdtcreates
Faylinn's Bazaar Taleby Jdtcreates
In a mythical fantasy world, an old couple find a baby fairy in a crate of peaches. So raise her as their own and...teach her martial arts? Can this fairy hone her unexp...
The Well of Youth by Kamiccola
The Well of Youthby Isobel Lynx
Robbed of her divine powers and secluded within her mountain, Beira, the ancient Queen of Winter, will do the unspeakable to exact her justice, even if she has to employ...
Untold by Al_R_Arce
Untoldby Al R. Arce
You know her name. You've seen her image. You thought you knew her story.