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That cafe (Namjoon fanfic)  by Space_Joonie
That cafe (Namjoon fanfic) by Spacejoonie
I was sitting in my favourite cafe, a hot chocolate in my hand as I silently drank the remains of it, reading a book as the winter snowflakes set on the ground outside...
Let Me Stay Close To You by jinnieslamp
Let Me Stay Close To Youby kiwi
you were finally free from the worst nightmare of your life in high school. the doors of college welcomed you with open arms, you were set on living your best life in he...
Attempt K.NJ by justtjoonie
Attempt K.NJby leo ☆
Attempted Suicide Started: June 8th 2021
geek charming | namjoon ♡ by daddyxgguk
geek charming | namjoon ♡by kez ♡
-- when the dorky kid gets paired up with the most popular girl in school for a project, things take an unexpected turn...
Namjoon's Kitten by creative_bts_stories
Namjoon's Kittenby creative_bts_stories
!Namjoon and Taehyung BTS smut¡
What is this book 1 21+ by kimjennystorys
What is this book 1 21+by Kim Jenny
Kim sung is 20 years old she wanted a new start so she started working for a fashion company and she left something behind and her boss finds...
NAMJOON/Rapmonster SMUT: Move-in day by jungkookiecena
NAMJOON/Rapmonster SMUT: Move-in jungkookiecena
Boyfriend Kim Namjoon has been helpful all day with moving you into your new place so you give him a good ride to reward his hard work.
Daddy's Dinner party {ONESHOT 21+} by MonaDenise2
Daddy's Dinner party {ONESHOT 21+}by MigiLuvs
"Happy birthday Y/N!!" They all screamed then Namjoon comes around "Happy birthday princess💓" I smile "Thank you Daddy!💓" "Let's go...
BTS X READER by jimaen_with_jams
BTS X READERby Jimin got jams.
This is in swedish just so ya'll know, doing in english if it's requested. !!18+!!
Namjoon Imagines by KookiesGirl11
Namjoon Imaginesby AhYoungAh
These are short fan fictions or drabbles or imagines or whatever it is you want to call them. This 'book' only consist of namjoon short imagines. If you would like to se...
My Aussie boy vs my stalker  by thellama2000
My Aussie boy vs my stalker by Ooooooof❤️💕
Katrina has a new math teacher and he is hot! But what happens when his mom gets involved? What about the new hot Australian students who steals Katrinas heart? When Kat...
Playboy's suck a**(taehyung's ff)  by sinchna_
Playboy's suck a**(taehyung's ff) by jungkookie
"I just want you to know I could never ever hate you. I love you too much.Not just as my best friend but more than that. Joon Song and Kim Taehyung used to be my...