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Life of a Neglected Sensei ( DISCONTINUED) by ColdHeart1501
Life of a Neglected Sensei ( ColdHeart1501
So, this is basically a story in which Naruto, who had been neglected, comes back from Anbu and becomes a Jonin Sensei for his two younger siblings as well as the last U...
Naruto (ambu kitsune) by Naruto-Namikaze-890
Naruto (ambu kitsune)by Naruto-Namikaze-890
Naruto estará en la generación de kakashi. Naruto tendra dos lineas de sangre la del clas uzumali y del clan senju Naruto será inteligente, calculador, atento y tranquil...
un genio by JosueYugcha
un genioby Josue Yugcha
naruto un día se encuentra con un anbu con mascara esto sucedió cuando tenia 4 años el lo entreno junto con 3 anbu mas
KYUUBI'S LOVE by TylerRakeRake
what happened if kyuubi was the one who loved him but he didn't have any memory of her and he's trying to find the answers, he already met her but he'll find the answers...
Naruto Ambu - Emotionless Fox **Naruto X Anko**. by bunmey
Naruto Ambu - Emotionless Fox ** bunmey
What if Naruto had been saved as a child by Danzo and Sarutobi? From that day on he became a weapon for the village, but things are never what they seem.
Rise of the Neglected Naruto by AryanJain148
Rise of the Neglected Narutoby Aj Uchiha
This is the second part of the fanfiction . The first part is Neglected Namikaze:Prodigy Naruto and if you didn't read that go and read that if you want to know what is...
Naruto Uzumaki; God Of The Blade by CosmosDestructor1
Naruto Uzumaki; God Of The Bladeby Cosmos Destructor
Thanks to his lack of Chakra Control, Naruto finds it difficult to learn Ninjutsu, and is incapable of Genjutsu, and he has little skill when it comes to Taijutsu. Left...